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posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 9.33pm
Jello Podlings,

Thanks you for having me, I'm Spence and I've worked with a few of you, know some others and have probably seen others naked on the playa...

I dig: Disc Golf, Photography, Kayaking, Bicycling, Art, Politics, Life, Water, Air, and Fog.

I'm "Fog" because I live in Pacific Grove where there's a huge amount of damp particulate air most of the year.

We had a little party the other day to celebrate our return to the peninsula.

Currently working on an RTS game that we're developing over the net... so far so good.

Here's a small offering to the visual goodness:






posted : 2004.Sep.12 @ 7.35am
Greetings Fog and welcome to the pod.
I checked out your site and liked it a bunch.


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