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posted : 2005.Mar.10 @ 11.16pm
it would be like if native americans were left to develop on their own and where they would be at this point in time? its kind of an out-of-left-field kind of thing, but i think about it a lot, and id like to base some designs for characters on that idea.

im thinking of technology, architecture, appearance, things like that. part of me thinks "they had a well-rounded way of doing things, so i doubt theyd actually change. no real need to", but on the other hand i think "wouldnt it be awesome?"

an example would be a native history musem that was designed and built somewhere in the states, i wish i could find an image. it was inspired by and based on native culture and the result was VERY incredible. like something from the fifth element or dune. im going to keep looking for images of it, and ill post them if i can find any

if they DID advance technologically, id picture it now being almost like a mac world. white, cream, blue and silver would be the biggest colors (if it was uniform). with soft, almost ivory-like plastic casings. more belts on clothes, and also a more sun-concidered way of designing larger buildings, sort of like in san francisco. i should draw some of my ideas up and post them

just thought id toss this in the mix. i know its really out-of-left-field, but im in a really good mood and i feel like starting a conversation. anyone else have any ideas/concepts?

posted : 2005.Mar.11 @ 3.51am
This is a great concept to get the daydreaming vibe running...
Is this the museum you're talking about? I walked past it in DC.
It has an incredible presence amongst all the imperial column-monoliths.

» National Museum of the American Indian

The PowWows in Chilliwack have some cosmicly progressive regalia-
fully reflective mirror suits, in arrays of electric green and blue fabriks,
contrasting handcrafted leather straps.
Even a grizzly bear would have to have some tough balls to approach one of these
thing-monsters dancing around, thousands of tassles blowing patterns in the wind.

» Chilliwack PowWow

posted : 2005.Mar.11 @ 4.51am
phong that's some great motion blur you have there.

tom it's a good idea, the strong tribal nature of the communities and the firm ties to the land, seasons and animals are great food for imagination. But don't forget the negative side of tribalisation. Unfortunately the negative aspects of human nature shape us and our society as much as our positive. Also read the mythology of the culture as that gives an insight into the mindset of the people. You most likely know this.. just thought i'd throw it in.

As an aside, I can't remember which of the Native American gods it was, but one had a detachable penis that he would use to have sex with women when they were bathing in the river. A very early form of torpedo. Shocked

ah ha Kokopelli, for those that are interested.

posted : 2005.Mar.13 @ 8.41pm
sounds like that god is quite the character.

another downfall i see with tribal life is just that it doesnt really work for large groups of people, as well. thats why we have to build cities and pipes and all that stuff. so i think it might even be a neat clash if it was possible, to incorprate some form of regret that they wouldve had to industrialize, or grow from tribalism to keep health and safety up. or maybe theyd figure out a way? who knows

thanks for the ideas guys. good brainstorming

and yeah phong, thats the place! its such a rad building, id love to visit it some time. Smile

posted : 2005.Mar.13 @ 11.40pm
I think that if any of the tribal wisdom of the native americans carried into urban planning, we would have some awesome "collaborations" between man and earth. buildings would be almost undecernable from the surrounding habitat. Science would try to understrand the workings of nature instead of tearing it appart to find out what is inside. I think there could be some pretty cool advances such as the more efficient use of solar energy... just some ideas...

I was recently reading a book "shamanic voices" in which an ancient god had a dozen or so men hold his penis wherever he went because of it's enormous girth...Just to tie up the sub-thread Wink


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