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index « biological « The microcosmic flood!

posted : 2005.Jan.29 @ 2.23pm
The ultimate in macro!

>> Eyes of Science

Please post more related material!

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 7.00pm

posted : 2005.Mar.10 @ 10.39pm
this is the stuff i love. i wish i had something to offer, but this is as much as ive really found. thanks for sharing it poxo!

posted : 2005.Mar.14 @ 3.35pm
Fantastic find Pox, and Air...I gotta find that DVD. Shocked

I just saw this shot on that Microcosmos site is probably one of my top 5 favorite photos EVAR. I know it's probably a still from the DVD, Smile

posted : 2005.Apr.10 @ 12.13am
» Rippel Electron Microscope Gallery
A variety of enormous images from the scanning and transmission electron microscopes
are available for viewing via the links on this page.

posted : 2005.May.12 @ 7.11am
I finally found the site I have been
looking for since Pox started this thread.
>> Ugly Bug

posted : 2005.Jul.29 @ 8.38am
AIR!!!! The perfect bug sculpting reference site! WOOO! Thanks! Very Happy


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