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posted : 2005.Mar.09 @ 10.52pm
I'm sure some of you have seen this style emulated before, but this is the best quality clip demonstrating this guitar playing style that I've seen so far.

Kaki King >> Playing With Pink Noise

posted : 2005.Mar.09 @ 11.24pm
thats insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Guitar

posted : 2005.Mar.12 @ 12.50pm
I have her album. Rychard gave it to me.
If you like her you should go to the source.

>> Michael Hedges

posted : 2005.Mar.12 @ 2.45pm
any relation to justin king?

posted : 2005.Mar.14 @ 3.23pm
aaaargh! I want to watch this so bad but every host and every format I find the video freezes up about 30 seconds in. Super awesome though, I got it to listen to but watching is almost as good. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Mar.17 @ 9.42pm
That was amazing. I wish i could play guitar like that.

posted : 2005.May.04 @ 12.33pm
oh man, she is so talented. You can see that Jimi like interface between her and the guitar. I've got a major crush on her. Cool


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