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posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 1.03am
I didn't really know where to post this, since it really isn't optical or audial, but is a bit of both.

This was my first interactive media effort (ever) using Proce55ing.

If you are familair with Marc's works, this was initially intended to be an instrumental device of sorts.

It all started with a Max/MSP patch that Marc had created involving 5 growing circles that intersected various usermade waypoints on a graph. Upon collision, the patch would emit a frequency related to the distance of the waypoint from the center of the circle.

Well, the idea of the patch was passed around a few friends, and over winter break was re-hashed into a running effort to expand upon that idea. This applet was designed to interact with Max / MSP as well as be visually stimulating.

Of course, it reminded us of frogs in a pond, with each sound emitted representing a frogs croak.

And thus, ribbit.

Initially the circles were all fixed speed, but somehow mutated into their current variable speed and fading alpha incarnations. Currently, it does not interact with Max/MSP due to latency issues and sending over TCP/IP, but one day it just may!

Warning: java is slow!

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 10.07am
Wow TL, that is really slick.

posted : 2005.Feb.09 @ 7.48pm

I dig it Very Happy

posted : 2005.Mar.04 @ 1.00am
i asked that this post be moved under Audial because it's original function was to be a musical/visual usual. yes it all began with Max/MSP and here's how went:

this was one of the first ideas i wrote down before i even acquired max/MSP. when i decided to start the project my original plan was to learn proce55ing (p5) and create lillypads, frog images, and really nice looking water animation, but to be realistic i dont know p5 yet and instead chose to materialize my idea with what i already know. TL warns against the speed of java but the largest reason for adapting it into a different program was because of Max's poor rendering speed. although i tend to crteate visual-related patches, max/msp is not good at doing most of them..

p5 is meant for visual manipulation, and is wonderful because java is cross-platform (mac&pc) wheras the Max builds are for OSX only. on the other hand, Max is better at doing synthesis, sampling, and all that fun musical stuff.
while p5 is also capable of sound production, none of us are familiar enough with the code yet and thought it would be fun to make it more collaborative using a p5+max package where p5 would render the frogs&ripples and then send information via tcp/ip to the max build open at the same time to produce the sound. once we got the tcp/ip working (with much help from josh), we considered using real frog samples but we never continued the project after that. instead, i quickly added a simple frequency for audial reference.

our final product was 3 versions of the same project:
1. TL's p5: (see above)

2. Marc's Max/MSP:
hear a sample of the audio used for reference

3. Juan's p5:

posted : 2005.Mar.04 @ 8.49am


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