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posted : 2005.Feb.11 @ 3.52am
Sorry guys shameless self promotion here, well of sorts Very Happy

I'm almost finished updating my site, just dropped it onto a server for testing to see if there are any "unplanned features".

I'd be interested in feedback, not so much for content but for the site as a whole. I still need to decide on a link colour system and darken the body copy a bit and round off one or two pieces of text. Oh and put on a warning that it needs javascript! So not really finished at all:

>> Mark II

posted : 2005.Feb.11 @ 9.29am
Drop down navigation is fast and intuitive but looses a bit of it's elegance when the options are also in plain sight as well. As you can tell from the pod I'm not a big fan of white when it comes to websites. Screens are backlit and bright enough without it. I feel that images shows up better on darker tones. Perhaps it makes it easier to focus. Some subdued color and 10-30% down in value would go a long way. I'm also not a fan of popup image windows. The ease of a stationary next button is a welcome paradigm for the viewer. I would be more inclined to look at all the images if the nav was less work for me. Using blue and purple for clickable type make it feel like an email or default color situation. I really like your old site and was wondering the reason for the change.

posted : 2005.Feb.12 @ 1.50am
Here's a great photoSite on White:


Click and explore. Make sure you don't miss he little icons at the bottom right of the good ones.

posted : 2005.Feb.12 @ 7.35pm
I think it's pretty efficiant, the simplicity brings the focus on the photos. The white doesn't really bother me.
I agree with Air about the blue links though. I think they might look good in a more subdued color, maybe even black to match the simplicity. Whatever color you chose, I think getting rid of the underline would make it look more proffesional, to match your work Wink
It might look good with a non sarif font also, like verdana.

That website is amazing Phong... simply amazing.

posted : 2005.Feb.14 @ 1.56am
Thanks for the feedback guys..

Phong that is some pretty slick flash work!

Air / Melo: The reason for the change? Mainly to build a site that's easier to maintain and expand. My old site is nice, but not very good for expansion. The navigation limits me a bit and the format means smaller pictures. It took me a long time to create a layout for my last site that worked well with portrait and landscape shots that both open in the main window. I decided on pop-ups for this revision, because I have some very wide panoramas and a few tall panoramas, that are very hard to work into a coherent design.

I hear you on the navigation, I'm going to remove the text links from the home page, but keep them internally, as if you scroll to the bottom of a long page they are useful. Next and back buttons, I had thought about this, but I think laziness crept in Very Happy I'm now in the process of renaming my popups, to a consistent text and numeric scheme, so I can easily (well more easily) drop in next and previous links on the pop-ups.

Yeah I hadn't decided on my nav colour scheme when I put this up, it does need a subdued colour, knowing me probably an earthy one.


posted : 2005.Mar.02 @ 6.43pm
Attention boys and girls!!!

I dig it! The next button makes me so happy!
Thanks for the pod link. You lend us our class. CheersCheersCheers

posted : 2005.Mar.02 @ 7.08pm
The texturous skin in the peoplePhotos on your site is marvelous.
I marvel in it's lous-ness.

Deep respect

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 1.37am
Air, thanks, I had to link to the pod, there's too much talent here not to.

Phong, thanks, I like playing with skin textures, the more textured the more interesting I feel.

posted : 2005.Mar.21 @ 4.51am
Terriffic site Mark. I will never grow weary of your Infra-reds and unique landscapes. Talented doesn't give you enough credit! Smile


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