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posted : 2004.Jul.22 @ 11.46pm
With bean and garlic may i chew with ease
The lack of cheese is still easy to please
For my random flavor combos excel in tune
May i twist these compressed mineral deposits
Into spice, sugar, and salt opposites
As they curl and curve around my extendo utensile
Allowing flavor bits to extend into my tastacular sensory channels
Around my swishy swash of break down fluids
It sounds the same
But has nothing to do with druid’s
Unless I’m just not aware
Unsure as there is only my feasting moment
The only sense
Drowning in my whiskey jive
skewed so elegantly so
In a experience rainbow
So to the point of life
That without this experience
Lived not life

posted : 2004.Aug.14 @ 9.18am
Now, I walk around the house and occasionally shout out "Rant a Noodle Whisky Flakes!" because it sounds/feels good.

posted : 2004.Dec.30 @ 4.30pm
haha, thats zawsome!!!!

~ Let the balloons go outside ~

Gradient gray comes out to play
In the spaces between the eves
Ghosts of leaves march up and down the streets
And the rain can't decided if it is to fall or rise
Anytime is time on the side of the sky tide
My mind plays host to all of summers ghosts
As i patiently wait for the psychoanylisis of my toast
Has the jam found the center of the universe?
I ask but it does not know, $5.50 for a piece of mind
The sidewalk speaks of foreboding phrases
My fingers are cold and I don't own a parka
It's the end of a world at the tip of my toes
With every measure of person to parking meter
Sorrow flys and talks of devastation
If they raise the transit fairs any higher
Might the crows intentionally combust into fire?
Kinks in the flow are known to drone
On and on and on and on
The stain on my carpet sings a song
Gravity broke the love between mouth and cup
The paisley on my walls is melting again
Meet insomnia, my new best friend.

posted : 2004.Dec.30 @ 8.27pm
tomato sauce
bell peppers
beef, if you'd like
kidney beans
[a secret ingredient or two, for flavor]


posted : 2005.Jan.19 @ 2.15pm
It's coming now and we can't stop it, this is going to change our world. The flow as it is started long ago, and there will be no more time for i don't knows. Whats coming now is a cultural orgasm. A passion flow of unequaled preportions. An awakening of love for all our inspirations, the creations of a passionate nation. The great above ground, that is to come undone. Unfolding beauty blooms of artistic preportions. Love light flashes pulling away all the shadowy clashes of yester year. Rise up pencils, brushes, and musical lushes. Lets paint our pretty picture of diaphaneity. Attention to loves detail will derail this misguided sail. We've been sailing with sour wind. Lets rediscover the artful love of navigation.

Everybody put your intentions together and lets make things better.

posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 11.21pm
We rise with the sun
By the eyes of the gentle
We water the seed
Wide eyed and hopeful
For the shaking of the crystal
The stare of black
Must come undone
For we are the one
We rise with the sun

By the beauty of life
We make our stand
Fishing out intentions
Swallowed by the sands
If we stand together
From the power of our mass
We might just make glass
By the beauty of life
We can take our action

Children of the sun
Don't make the mistake
It's not ours to give away
Wake up and shine
This is the time

posted : 2005.Feb.24 @ 2.10pm
By the long curly hair flowing over my shoulders
I produce my calculation
Could the kissing of trees continue?
Poor another cup of tea
Lets see...
What of classic lines
And trails in the skies?
No more in my ear
Pass another biscuit
And lets cut a break
Maybe again next year

I never thought i'd think in heavens
Or kiss the likes of you
But I'm no mouse
I just like cheese
Just wait until the grass grows
I'll lick the sea foam from your toes

And the fears
The queers
Punks and hippies
There goes another indie kid
A bum is smiling at me
Children are laughing
And that crack wasn't there before
This isn't the sidewalk i rode in on
"like, oh... my... gawd!..."
Scenster dicks
Snicker at the low rider pricks
As they suck on the tits
Of starbucks coffee lids

It's a sunny day and i'm choking
On the pretty packages of contradiction
Falling along this track worm
Asses to asses
There's a lady in here
With a broken hum
And my hands are buzzing
About my thumb

My new love
Needs some water

posted : 2005.Feb.27 @ 12.47pm
The world is a toll-free toilet
Our mouths neurological assholes
And psychologically speaking
We're in a state of mental diarrhea
Talking shit a mile a minute
Or in a state of constipated notions
Can't think of nothin' but shit
And in this world of
Stinky futures, shitty memories and
Constipated 19 now-nows
Emerges from the hiney of your head
The doo doo chasers,
The Promentalshitbackwashpsychosisenemasquad
The prune juice of the mind
The doo doo chasers
Friends of roto-rooter
Bringing you music to get your shit together by
The band in the tidy bowl of your brain

A musical bowel movement
Designed to rid you of moral diarrhea
Social bullshit
Crazy do-loops
Mental poots

They call us the unflushables
One swipe a clean wipe

And what causes all of this shit?
What is the source of food for thought?
Images doggie bags
Me burger with I sauce on it
Me burger with I sauce on it
A myself sandwich
A personal burger
And a glass of constricted cola
Out to lunch with lunch meat
The fear of being eaten by the sandwich
The Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis
The doo doo chasers
Friends of roto-rooter
Music to clean your shit by

Low calorie logic
Muscle brain
Skinny brain

Count the calories of your thoughts
Funk, Confucius says
Like Chinese laxatives
Sweet and sour bowel movements
And in this world of stinky memories
Shitty futures
19 now nows-constipated-like
The prune juice of the mind
The band in the tidy bowl of your brain

- Funkadelic


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