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posted : 2005.Feb.16 @ 4.10pm
I Made a comp of a lot of the pod music. I'm still blown away by the fact that I can download all this cool music you guys made, burn it to C.D. and listen to it while I'm driving around.

Here's my contribution.

I like the rare times when machines unknowingly make music.
>> Rigsong

Four tracks of E-bow in homage to Eno.
>> Enoesk

All this stuff kinda goes with my art.
I haven't done the late night 4 tracking in a long time. I need to get back in to it.
This next one is "P.A.T.G.O.S." It stands for Piper At the Gates Of Steel.
I'm not exactly sure how I made this one, but i turned it off before it was done.
>> P.O.T.G.O.S.

There's another version with words but I think the instramental is better.
>> Athiest Sun

Try to imagine the art and the sounds together.

posted : 2005.Feb.16 @ 6.06pm
dude your a madman! Applause
That first peice is totally unbelievable, the pinnacle of experimentation. I misread the description before i started listening thinking you made it to sound like machines then I realized this was a found peice... I feel like I have to comment because I'm so blown away, but I'm so blown away that I can't think of anything good to say. HA! Anyway, you're artistic sensibilities appeal to me like legos.
The second track is not only a tribute to eno, it's like a study of eno, student who gets what teacher is teaching. A+
After the first two I was really suprised by the third, I think this one especially goes with your art.
THis is going to sound wierd, but it sounds like a lost chapter in the bright eyed episode in my life trip adventure that was discovering aphex as a teenager.
You NEED to put something out. I'm sure there are plenty of people waiting for this.
Do you have more? It'd be nice to have a CD long enough to last me my trip to work.
Deep respect Pray

posted : 2005.Feb.16 @ 10.27pm
Im Blown away.
Plus what ever meloyelo said goes double for me.
Thank you for posting this.


posted : 2005.Feb.22 @ 11.24pm
Rodney's sounds are close to my heart.
I really dig these pieces, bro.

One day during an art jam at my place in Long Beach many moons ago Rodney busted
out his acoustic guitar and played me an unfinished song he was writing. He was sitting
on the floor, playing and singing with much emotion. I loved it instantly and in my mind I
called it the "I'm Gonna Light Something On Fire" song. Later when his band Sensefield
released their next album I heard a song named Futon and was so stoked... It was the
song I liked so much.

>> Futon

I dig Rodney's style and voice. Props!!!
Melo just pointed out that this is my 500th
post and I couldn't think of a better one...

posted : 2005.Feb.23 @ 4.56pm
Good stuff Rodney!

Athiest Sun and Enoesk are my favorites.

There is nothing quite like the e-bow. I've still got mine buried somewhere.

I've been out of your loop for a LONG time, whats going on with Sensefield?

posted : 2005.Feb.23 @ 7.55pm
First of all I'd like to thank everyone for the compliments.
The Pod is such a great thing. When i did all this stuff I had no idea where it would find an outlet.
And now the fora is the perfect place.

I'v got a lot more of that stuff but those were sort of the greatest hits.
Now I'm all inspiered to make new one's now that I know they'll have a home.

As far as Sense Field goes, they're broken up. Jon sings for Further Seems Forever, and I'v got The Year Zero. Here's a couple songs from that.

I dont really know what the other guys are doing.

The story behind Futon is pretty funny.
The night before, my roommates and I had stolen a keg from a "friend's" party.
The next day we drank most of it between three or four people.
By that night I was in rare form.
My old futon was out by the garage where we had been drinking.
I'm not exactly sure how the idea came about. I think it was one of those drunken "let's
get back to our root's" kind of things.
The choice was made to light the futon on fire.
It wasn't easy. The thing was covered in some kind of fire retardant.
But we pressed on and eventually got a pretty good blaze going.
After a while other things started ending up in the fire, old chairs, wood and non wood items.
At some point the phone ended up in the flames, which were apparently growing very high by this time.
One of my roommates just left the scene.
I passed out until my other roommate drug me off to a show I was playing that night.
Which was probably one of the worst shows I'v ever played.
But at least a good song come out it.

Years later the band was in Sweden and the fans were all calling out for Futon but the vowel sounds were like that in button.

posted : 2005.Mar.07 @ 11.44am
this stuff is great! i love the diversity. the ambient sounds you're getting are really awesome.
i especially like the harmonies you're getting with the ebow, ill have to try one of those someday
Rock Super Guitar

posted : 2005.Mar.15 @ 10.50pm
Yeah the E-bow is pretty fun.
I need to get back into it myself.
There is so much you can do with one.

I've been going through all my old 4 track tapes
and finding all this stuff I forgot about.
>>A Landscape
>>Open Sky

posted : 2005.Apr.04 @ 1.20am
There's some really nice sounds in here... i should come in more often! Embarassed I now have some new music to listen to today Very Happy

posted : 2005.Apr.23 @ 4.10pm
I finally did something new.
>>EBO 1
>>EBO 2
and here are a couple epic rock songs.
>>EVOLVER by Whirlpool. and
>>ONE SMALL STEPby Sense Field.


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