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posted : 2005.Feb.14 @ 11.51am
flashbacks from another life
in another place.

even in this moment,
manifesting awareness of
warrior consciousness,

conditioned by the form of the forest vibration,
scouring the land in collective patternition
on the eternal search
for somthing on the outside.

something we can never find,
yet feels to bring purpose into life
motivating the vast unfolding
of eternal avar.

brought together through some brotherhood
of plane-sharing brings us
and the lizard beasts we have mastered
together in a way that makes
the alien landscape feel somehow familiar.

plant patterns slowly pervading,
and thought forms subtley projecting,
we melt into one,
and dream of a new day worth living.

posted : 2005.Feb.14 @ 12.15pm
Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing.

silky- i love loveline

posted : 2005.Feb.15 @ 12.55am
I sincerely appreciate all the kind words. I am also thankful for the great source material which inspired me in the first place. It felt like I had done something good but after that much time I figured I was too close to the piece to judge it with any clarity. I was thinking of everyone as I worked especially near the end. D and Casey were right. I was thinking about more deliberate slow-cycling pod collaborations and the amazing potential of the people who post here. My goal was to honor Scotty and Pox with every once of skill I had. I suppose it comes from being a colorist for so many years and working with other peoples art all the time (lots of different people with many different styles). I noticed early on that if you treat someone's piece with respect good things tend to happen. I have done some of my best, most rewarding work collaborating with other artists. I love it. I never plan to stop... and I get the feeling Scotty and I will do this again. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Feb.15 @ 4.23am
I couldn't agree more. Thanks all for GETTING this. Air really did my sculpt justice, and I don't want to forget about POX either. His photograph was perfect for this, and Air's eye saw that. I'm astonished at the responses this has been getting...seriously...all your kind words concerning this collab have really struck the most positive chord with me. I thank you! Smile

Air- You're darn right we will be! You really GET my works, my imagination, and where I want to see it go. I thank you for the respect you have shown me concerning my brainchildren...I'd be honoured to collab again!Beer Toast

posted : 2005.Feb.15 @ 9.16pm
This thread is my new favorite form of entertainment!
Watching the real-time creation of serious art, in slow motion, just rocks!
Thanks you guys!

posted : 2005.Feb.16 @ 2.59pm
That is truly amazing Air. I wish my work was anywhere near that level of realism. I downloaded the desktop. It looks sweet, with room for the icons above and below, so they don't in the way. Nice work. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 12.33am
an awesome sculpt that has been manifested into something beyond what i could've imagined myself. its great seeing every step in the process. great job to both of you, the optical forum has risen to a new level, keep it up!


Guitar Rock Boo hoo!


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