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posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 1.16am
I think I got lost a page back... (15.1MB)

Geo, you are a mad man! Hilarious and fresh in the face of such cosmic
seriousness. I am liking the non linear nature the thread is taking on. It's liberating.

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 1.28am
stupendous! Cool

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 2.41am
is analog welcome in this thread?

greenplant.jpg (1.5 mb)

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 9.37am
Aaron! Thats my favorite one so far! I really really love it!
Wish I wasnt at work so I could play with it, but Ill eventually get to it.
I agree, I am totally loving this thread, taking quite a fun direction.
Geo, nice one man, that guy makes me happy to have chosen the art/design lifestyle....Ill be doing this forever.
Marc, that is a sick photo man.

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 12.43pm
Pulsing Love mb)

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 4.48pm
My take on Marcs photo...

Also used this Marc photo.

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 9.12pm
Tikigeo, very nice addition. I like it a greats a lot! The first thing I thought was, oooh an Alien Garden!

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 9.51pm
Alien Garden

Tegan woke up and ate every cookie in the jar. There was plenty of milk, but she drank water instead.
She tended to avoid things that could curdle. They reminded her too much of the passing of time. On her last birthday, she turned thirty-six. This meant that it had been eighteen years since she was eighteen. This was her best excuse to break mirrors.

She had moved to the desert at age thirty-two. She never married, and she had no children. She almost adopted a dog, but opted for a gun instead. At night, she would take off her shoes, shuffle her feet in the sand, and shoot at the sky. Occassionally, something would fall. It is these things that she planted behind her small house. She would water them and wait.

She is waiting there still.

~ V ~

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 10.09pm
you rule me ~V~

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 10.15pm
LOL! I love it!
I have missed your writing style more than I realized, ~V~.
I can hear you reading it in my mind's ear and knowing your brilliant
timing and vocal character makes it even better. Is that a collab you
wrote for the thread or was it hiding on your hard drive somewhere?
I had not heard it before.

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 11.40pm
with elements from Marc,Melo,Phong,Sahar and ~V~
"...She is waiting there still." (10.6mb)

posted : 2005.Feb.09 @ 1.44am
ladies and gentlemen we've broken through to the next level.
Again, I am moved. Pray

posted : 2005.Feb.09 @ 3.12am
Wow! It's perfectly wonderful. I love it!


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