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posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 6.53pm

My name is Matt. I guess my handle is Tagme. You may call me as you wish. I'm just so happy to be here. As a long time dweller I feel so honored to be allowed to post. Dancing

I enjoy photography at the moment and feel that it is my creative outlet. I am still a beginner but I hope to grow into something much more. I don't have a gallery yet, but I do hope to get one soon enough. I have a website, or shall I say the template of a website, in which I would like to house a portfolio/gallery one day.

I hope you guys don't mind if I ask alot of questions, most of them will be "how'd you do that?" as I am rather new Laughing I hope that I may learn from all of you and become my own unique wave in the ocean of other artists out there.

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 7.21pm
Hello, as you wish, aka Tagme, aka Matt. Very Happy
Looking forward to seeing your photography and other posts.
Welcome to the Pod Fora!

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 7.23pm
Greetings Tagme,
& welcome to the Fora!

Feel free to probe the podular methods of inspiration and technique.

Each cell will bring you a different perspective,
so be careful what you ask for- you may get a huge mouthful to digest. Smile

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 7.34pm
Many echoed welcomes
Trancemission well received
Intercellular podlinkage established

Commence energy flow
Initiate self-evolutionary subroutines
Project diety self into fora metaverse
(repeat as necessary)

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 7.52pm
Welcome tagme, nice to meet you. Smile

posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 1.01am
Hey man, I too am a beginner at photography hoping to grow into something much more.
I must say that participating in "the podular paradigm" has helped me infinitely... Much to the credit of question asking.
One of the cool things about seeking growth at the fora, is that you leave a trail of answers for others to learn from. These threads are like evolving instruction manuals, synchronizing us all into a new era of expression.

So glad to have you.
~Yelo Rock

posted : 2005.Feb.09 @ 2.03am
welcome tagme.. now you can post let's see them Smile

melo - are you still a beginner? Very Happy

posted : 2005.Feb.09 @ 2.10am
Well I definitely was a beginner when I started posting here and that was only a couple of months ago, I don't think I'm quite ready to call myself a not-beginner Very Happy
IMHO The role of mentor and disciple is an eternal oneness,
I am learning to teach through learning.
True creativity dissolves the ego and allows the true self to emerge.
Although I might not always be a beginner, I must fight to always remain a student.
Beer Toast

posted : 2005.Feb.09 @ 10.35am
Thanks all for the warm welcome, I hope to add as much as I have learned. I guess that means I have alot of adding to do. Very Happy I must say mark when I saw some of your work I was in total awe, I must have spent hours of my day looking and adoring your work and yet, i still was not done. I hope to learn from you and all the other artists here. Deep respect

posted : 2005.Feb.09 @ 6.50pm
Welcome, welcome.

Welcome, welcome, welcome

Welcome, welcome.



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