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posted : 2005.Jan.16 @ 11.57am
thanks D,
that would be a hell yes on the sunset paintings Very Happy

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 4.16pm
Love that pic on the street. Good stuff.


posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 2.54am
a blending

:: Click image for super large version ::

posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 3.08am
i forgot to say. i really dig this post. ce tres bien, this whole deal is too much to understand. i've learned so much already. this internet deal is pretty neato. cheers to the admin folk.., i am new but i am begining to grasp just what is going on. bear with me... it's a pretty grizzly world. salute to good soul.

posted : 2005.Jan.26 @ 1.45am
Veldstra, For some reason that phrase, "this internet deal is pretty neato" is ringing throughout all of time and space right now. Cheers Cheers

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 5.29am
greetings, sir melo.

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 8.50pm
Avast! Ye be Phong the Phearless!

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 9.18pm
boredom vs. webcam




posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 9.34pm
Just noticed this one was my 2000th digital pic. Cheers!

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 9.50pm
Uno Mas,

Spent some time in the snow last week...

BTW, Geo, I love the photoshopped Pirate pic. AAAAAARRRRRRR...

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 11.00pm
that, my friend, is not snow. You're not wearing a jacket, a hat, or mitts. What would your mother say?

I come from the land of -40 and blizzards until May (Ontario) - I'm not convinced.

Very Happy

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 11.13pm
I'm sorry,... you're right. Canadians do have bragging rights to the true snow experience.

To my Californian credit however, Deb and I spent an entire week in Calgary when it was never above -40 (interestingly enough, that's both C and F),... at my homophobic sister-in-laws house,... when Deb's brother came out,... and brought his parter,... and I couldn't leave without a spacesuit.....

But it looks like snow!

Very Happy


posted : 2005.Feb.02 @ 7.05pm
Im new here. I am a friend of Poxins. Please be gentle.



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