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posted : 2005.Jan.26 @ 6.40pm
Airline terminal
two women damn me to Hell
then try to save me

Wild faces grim with fear
they ask, what’s God gonna think
when he sees your ass?

Land of eternal bliss
shining sidewalks paved with gold
this is your last chance

So what will it be
the eternal fires of Hell
or yellow brick road?

I see Bush’s face
plastered on newspaper
God bless America

Plane drops through the mist
seat belt sign goes dark click click
please don’t lose my bags

Watching suitcases
dance in an endless circle
glowing one is mine

The Pali Lookout
Like a scene from Lord of Rings
hand to hand combat

Hawaiian members
welcome me like an old friend
tears of joy sting eyes

Japanese women
with American last names
thank you, pioneers

A thousand Buddhas
begin chanting with one voice
kosen rufu dream

Nameless hotel bar
drinking beer writing haikus
menu on surfboard

Waikiki went walking
heard sirens singing at dawn
beautiful gongyo

Darkness slowly lifts
Diamond Head comes into view
the jewel of Myoho

What is a luau?
music food dancing women
my life wants to know

Young men and women
help organize waiting crowd
with, “Thank you so much!”

I can’t help thinking
As I stand here in line
how long till bus comes?

Ebony Roundtree
checks to see if I wear badge
she says time draws near

Huge tropical moon
wears a glowing night rainbow
underground pig is roasting

lush mai tai packs punch
arm gets colorful tattoo
dare I learn the hula?

Samoan fire dance
emerald blur of grass skirts
hands tell a story

the show is over
farewell to Phantom City
tattoo is fading

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 12.49am
these are beautiful snippets of your imagination.

i personally really like

japanese women
with american last names
thank you, pioneers

i should pick up this habit for quickly capturing moments with more than just my camera...

posted : 2005.Jan.29 @ 9.39pm
Cool Thank you. I recently have mixed in poetry, especially haikus, to my drawing and painting creative output. Here are a few more:

why I write haikus
it is like painting with words
I surprise myself

haiku form is strict
but becomes second nature
just add or subtract

to be happy in life
just show appreciation
and live each moment

posted : 2005.Jan.29 @ 11.45pm
I'm so encouraged
watching as you manifest
your buddha nature


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