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posted : 2004.Aug.05 @ 10.13pm
Shower us with your daily grind (or perhaps it's more like a flow)!
I got this one two days ago while leaving work. Geo knows the spot.

It was nice when phong was part of the everydayness.

posted : 2004.Aug.09 @ 4.04am
from a weekend spent in the sun by the river. less photos more relaxing.

posted : 2004.Aug.09 @ 8.09am
Oooooh, muy delicioso!

posted : 2004.Aug.10 @ 7.31am
Last night as the sun was going down I was pearched at the edge of a small backyard pond.
There was a bee on a lillypad that I was sneaking up on. Then there were a few more.
Soon the air was buzzing with thirsty workers coming in for a nice cool drink after spending
all day running flower sprints and getting pollen up their noses. The photo is not great but
it respresents a first for me. I had never seen this before!

Feel free to jump in here with your pics! Mark's got the idea.
Good one M. Scholey! Very poetic. How do you pronounce your last name?

posted : 2004.Aug.10 @ 7.40am
sahar, air, thanks... it was nothing but a quick grab shot, as i was chillin' my feet in a river.

wow.. that's weird...making honey must be thirsty work!

it's pronounced as sk-oley as in sch from school and holey minus the h.

posted : 2004.Aug.12 @ 2.09am
the newest resident in my house...

posted : 2004.Aug.13 @ 5.42am
the fallen money tree

Colour version

posted : 2004.Aug.13 @ 5.53am
Wowsy! I especially like the black & white one at the top. Yummy texture.

I also like the previous one. How much do you charge him for rent? Laughing

posted : 2004.Aug.13 @ 6.09am
It had great texture, almost as if it was some giant pre-historic tree, all scaley and fearsome.

as long as he eats flies, he can stay. Smile

posted : 2004.Aug.20 @ 9.31am

Here is a peek at my weekday reality. I spun around in my chair and saw this photo unfolding: Taking a break
from the glare of his dual monitors Geo adds to another whiteboard masterpiece while Marshall toils on.
Not super artful but definately an "Everyday" snap. (Or at least 5 days a week)

posted : 2004.Aug.20 @ 9.52pm

You snuck that one.


posted : 2004.Aug.23 @ 8.57am
ok now i want to see picture of the whiteboard masterpiece! that looks cool.

posted : 2004.Aug.23 @ 1.30pm
go to this thread:


all the white boards that we've done are posted here.


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