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posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 12.05pm
What websites are people doing for themselves and friends? Plenty of the focus has been given lately for other forms of visual arts that we've left out a lot of what comes first and foremost to many of us--webdesign.

Here's some things I've been doing for fun lately that are still in the works:

A site for a friend to sell handmade clothes:

A site to browse tourdates for independent music:

Post what youve been working on!

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 1.13pm
groovy, J.
I bumped this thread into the Biology forum for good measure... it seemed to transcend the feild of just optics.

I dig the lisdsay clothes site vibe, though the menus don't seem to work for me. Everything I click does nothing in Firefox.

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 3.10pm
I can't get the menus to work either. cool design though.
Here was my foray into the world of web design(and product design)
More to come in the future, I love it.
if you press play on the music thingy you can here a track I did. Or at least some of it.

posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 1.10pm
neither of the sites are finished yet, i'm still working out the content for lindsay couture before i put any of it online, i'll keep you guys updated.

melo- I'm really digging the track on tenderfury. The samples sound like what i would imagine robotic animals would have for voices. do you have it anywhere at a higher bitrate?

posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 2.10pm
OK, I'll add.

Lindsay, I love the homepage, very cool. And the indiedates site is clean and tech looking (my fave).

Here's my own:

My kids and wife (super simple, updating soon):

and a few I've designed in the past:

Also, a vigorous nod to Phongs site stuff... truly awesome.


posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 8.34pm
i might have said this before, but cute kids fog.

posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 9.05pm
they take after Mom..


Very Happy

posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 11.06pm
yeah man, what a beautiful family. I hope one day I can work on websites with my kids Very Happy

jam, here's my old music page.
The song is called Justin Bailey Brinstar Mix.

posted : 2005.Jan.23 @ 9.04am

I love the little table corner borders. Cool beans, frijole.


posted : 2005.Jan.23 @ 12.43pm
this template was actually Air and Sandbag's doing. Nice huh?

posted : 2005.Jan.24 @ 9.32am
Cool stuff.

Jam - for some reason I really like the little piece of tape on the lindsaycouture site, a nice little detail.

Fog - love your art gallery on , kick ass

Here's one I've been working on recently.
(a few of the designs on that page I didn't do, but most I did)
I made it for the ASR (action sports retail) show that was at the San Diego convention center a week or so ago. Trying to get some cool jobs!

posted : 2005.Jan.24 @ 9.41pm

here's an updated jpeg snapshot of the design. Just subtle changes, I tried to fix some of the problems with unrealistic shadows and illogical bevels. There are still some things that need a little more touchup, namely the "mydates/search" bar

posted : 2005.Jan.25 @ 8.59pm
Hey Sandbag, That's actually Geo's work. Air? What's Goe's handle here? I just built the thing.



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