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posted : 2004.Dec.13 @ 1.25pm

now we just need some backpack-computers and some nifty 3d goggles, and we can all be gargoyles.
This supports Mac OSX too... ... your inner geek is tempted. you know it.

posted : 2004.Dec.13 @ 3.09pm
Metaverse is a term coined by Neal Stephenson in his cyber punk master work Snow Crash.

"The Metaverse, Stephenson's successor to the Internet, permeates ruling-class activities, and constitutes Stephenson's vision of how a virtual reality-based Internet might evolve in the near future. Although there are public-access Metaverse terminals in Reality, using them carries a social stigma among Metaverse denizens, in part because of the low visual quality of the avatars (the Metaverse representation of a user)."

He also gave a new meaning to the word gargoyle.

>> Source Forge: Open source Metaverse project
>> Active Worlds: 3D world building and chat environments

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 2.06am
careful not to get hooked. Laughing

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 1.01pm
The only part of our inner geeks which is attracted to this kind of programming is the same part which subverts consciousness of the illusion that the world we've inhereted for free is somhow mundane.

These programs are a final desperate attempt of our ritualized lifestyles to feel some form of spontaneity which me might otherwise not get from the fantastic universe which transcends this game. Through these mechanical systems we project the eternal archtypes of experience into low resolution poligonal simulations, squandering the love and energy which is best used on immeadiate human relationships.

Life is short, and it seems quite apparent having been sucked into this kind of thing before, that these programs greatly impoverish our intuition of higher goals in life.

Real eye contact, love and the subtle essence you feel communicating with immeadiate forms of consciousness can never be simulated without it's total reproduction. Yet infinity already manifests before us with such subtle magnificence that we often fail to see it lost in the grossness of perceptions cognizing it's higher forms, which reflect in these simulations.

What would be neat though is a form of wireless digital display which in imbedded into contact lenses, or little screens which clip onto your glasses or goggles combined with a lightweight sort of VR glove which you could use to type on a virtual keyboard with coordinated finger motions.

This way we could overlay instant messaging over our immeadiate experience, (with the ability to turn it off, of course) which would function as the gross manifestation of telepathic communication, increasing the level of conscious synchronicity in our already facinating lives.

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 3.27pm
it would also be cool if there was a topographical model of the earth suspended within GPS coordinates that could be manipulated by the user that would be visible to other users. So one could, for example, create a large sculpture on the top of mount everest only viewable with special goggles. It would take graffiti to a whole new level... Like a digital layer spread over the world.
There could be virtual beings that live in the layer etc etc...

I agree with the first part of your reply in the sense that the more technological we become the more distant we are from each other, hiding behind various communicative conveniences... but I do have faith in the spirit of wo/mankind to evolve throughout whatever channels we create.
IMHO, This fora is a good example of such a manifestation.

The aspect of most mysticism, as I see it, is that if something less tangible is so then a whole new level of tangibilty can be obtained.

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 3.48pm
Generalizations seldom work.

You beat me to it by a hair, Yelo.
We were, many of us, brought together through the metaverse.
Deepening relationships by actual meatspace contact is a good idea
but I have many good, and very real (whatever that is), relationships with humans
I've never met. There's nothing desperate about it. In fact, I think it's beautiful.

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 9.42pm
Indeed, the metaverse is the central nerve network for the earth's global community,
and it will be the ultimate tool in desolving the conflicts which result in racism and war.

Online games such as:
Grand Theft Auto
World of Warcraft
Final Fantasy XI
are not inherantly bad
yet they are dangerous-
exploring them requires a high level of caution and deliberation.

Becoming proficient at these games can take thousands of hours,
and there are millions of people living within their matrix.
They now have a enormous impact on the life of Earth,
which will surely develop deeper into these realms.

Our job as the cells on this plane is chooseing wisely
the complicated path through the eternal mind lattice
to the benefit of the happiness of all beings.
Each game opens a digital plane of projecting consciousness,
and spawn entire identities which are difficult for most people
to properly align with the manifest universe in which they live.

Life itself is game, projecting the same experiencial archtypes
which are projected into the computer games.

They absorb an enormous amount of mental energy,
and since the parrellel identity has been invested in so deeply
the games become addictive, and the focus of many people's human lives.

For many people who play them it is a desperate addiction
not everybody, of course, some people may moderate,
but the foundational inscentive to project your consciousness out of this world
and onto a plane where you appear to have god-like abilities is rooted in
the ignorance that that is what this already is... you're already god here.

An inscentive to play with people you may never meet face to face
is that we feel less coniditioned by their expectations
and so our consciousness flows more spontaneously.

At least observing the forms of my mind,
this induces an addictive sense of freedom.

Addiction to computer games is as dangerous
to our development as addiction to drugs.
It is the feelings we become addicted to.

Yet they offer but a fractured glimpse of the conscious planes
which is ungrounded to the knowledge
and discipline required to operate at these levels in a way which will
enrich our entire being.

Of course all things in moderation can bring immense insight.
Everybody's level of moderation is different,
and there is a fine line between addiction and denial.

Yet projecting consciousness into the 'second life'
is surely a diversion from the first.

These games have the power to alienate the body from the mind
and result in unhealthy states of biological manifestation.

Thine own consciousness, shining, void,
and inseparable from the Great Body of Radiance,
hath no birth, nor death,
and is the Immutable Boundless Light.
Alex Grey, Sacred Mirrors

This technology is inevitable, and it's existance implies it's continuing evolution
which is developed by the consciousness projecting through it's form,
it is important to deeply observe these dimentions we're breaking open
before pouring so much energy into them.

Human brain and consciousness
is the highest technology.

It is our job,
as artists who work in the industries which manifest these planes,
to see deeply for others and transmit our distilled wisdom through creative vibrations.
So I challenge you not to blindly accept the planes of gaming consciousness
we've inhereted from the corporate paradigm, which if you look closely,
induce addictive habits to the benefit of their propogation.

Look at why they are created. Who makes them.
What is the paradigm of it's creators.
The businesses, the employees

What is at the foundation of their work.
What keeps them waking up early every morning to go manifest virtual games?
What is their state of consciousness?

And how do these life patterns propogate in the
level of perceptions inherent in the gaming dimentions.

Surely a dimention designed by corporate machines for profit
cannot balance eternal states of happiness.

You become a cell in the matrix, which helps it to propogate.
You somhow buy it, and so the people working on it get your energy
to continue developing it.
Good to look deeply at your habits or you'll be taken in by ticks and leeches.
Human consciousness ia valuable commodity in this universe.
It would be a shame if we squandered it on a pixelized reflection.

What will we tell our children sitting around the eternal campfire?
Stories of our dedication to virtual dimentions?
How many points we aquired in this and that realm?
How we played sombody on the other side of the globe,
and never even knew their real name?

Ask yourself before travelling to fantastic imaginary realms,
have you ever travelled across your own country?
To the other side of the earth?
Into the infinite depths of a calm mind?

You're giving your life energy to the organisms which manifest them...
and the consciousness organism of human life is most magnificent.

I challenge you all to see deeply, why you choose to play these games,
and to observe your own shadow projecting in the behaviors of others
whos consciousness is absorbed in the same virtual dimentions.

Alot of options are busting open for the evolution of human consciousness
and not all of them are future friendly.

I do not condemn the virtual projection of awareness,
yet I question it's depth, and encourage all humans
to be aware of their level of involvment and to see how it effects life.

We have all watched The Matrix,
and a similar future is in danger of becoming a very manifest reality
if we do not practice a high level of caution and insightful action
at this pivital moment in space/time.

Spending this same time and energy to mastering the internal flows of energy
moving through the human body is most beneficial to the
development of happiness in human existance.

Please question any of these points,
as I'd be happy to expand.

A simple word of caution, this is all.
May all your mind games, virtual and manifest, be happy,
And may they project through whatever dimentions they may
to the happiness of the eternal one.


posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 10.46pm
you know I have to admit, I glanced at the link in the original post and thought it was an attempt to create something along the lines of the "metaverse" portrayed in snow crash, which is a far cry from online gaming.
I once watched a friend dedicate almost an entire year of his life to the online version of final fantasy and was baffled at how it was possible, and how little value it created. Roaming a cheap virtual environment for up to 20 hours at a time trying to raise various statistics.
My fantasy mind says there is something awesome that can come of this though. I want to use virtual reality someday to expand my consciousness, and I think most online gamers would too if that were something available to them.
Maybe I am offering my life energy to the destruction of this dream by massacring thousands of virtual gang bangers in the world of grand theft auto... it's a strong point.

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 11.20pm
wow phong, well said. it looks like we may have hit a nerve. Smile

in regards to your earlier post about eye-contact. i had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day about personal space and how our society often avoids eye-contact, and now with the popularity of ipods people can even avoid ear-contact. everyone seems to have one, but it could just be our perspective from the inside of a college campus and it's explosive consumer nature.

i have another friend right now horribly addicted to FFXI.

i really like what you have to say, could you please expand a little more on:
"Spending this same time and energy to mastering the internal flows of energy moving through the human body is most beneficial to the development of happiness in human existance. "

by the way everyone, my name is marc.

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 11.48pm
Spending this same time and energy to mastering the internal flows of energy moving through the human body is most beneficial to the development of happiness in human existance.

Our life experience and state of awareness is
deeply conditioned by our bodies.
The mind and the body are so intimately interwoven that one
can never be seperated from the other
at any level of their being.

We often forget to take care of our very complicated bodies properly
and so they become out of shape, and unhealthy.
Unhealthy and so unhappy.

On the physical plane,
our bodies are the manifestation of over 50 trillion cells
and even more bacteria and viruses
acting in a collective state much in the same way that
a millions of humans manifest a city.

Compare your life to the life of a cell
by cognizing your path in the creation
of the city in which you live.

Humans are very dynamic cells,
though like cells they all start at one stem,
which branches out into a myriad of forms
with various functions which balance eachother
in collective activities.

Roads are like veins, hallways are capillaries
and apartment buildings are like tissues
in which the cells abide.
Ports are like collective mouths,
landfills like piles of poo,
government like the nervous system,
police like white blood cells,
minimum wage paid workers like red ones...
and so forth.

Use your imagination to continue
making analogies between the two systems.

The analogy is not identical, as there are important
differences between the form of a human body and a city
yet they are very close reflections of one another,
as they inhabit neighboring rungs of the planar spiral
through which awarness projects our existance.

A country run by a tyranical government cannot be peaceful
and so will never find happiness.
Your consciousness rides the government of your body.

Discipline yourself to spend time and energy to
cultivate a positive vibrational relationship between
your higher mind and your cellular manifestations
and the consciousness you inhabit balanced between them
will become fantastic in subtle ways you could never imagine

and I could never possibly describe.

So we might ask, why are we not happy?

Largely it is because we want somthing which is not
and so we are eternally frusterated in very subtle ways.

There is an eternal thirst for somthing which isn't quite here yet.
It's just coming. Just one more thing to do, then we'll be content.
But this final thing to do, it is eternal.

We keep looking on the outside
for things we can never find,
and so miss the beauty
and most subtle bliss of
the eternal moment.

What we look for is already here,
and projecting awarness through your
own body at a subtle level is the portal.

Our bodies are filled with habits of behavior.
Deep habits of conditioned reactions.

After long years of living the same patterns
habits are accumulated in the mind
which find their manifestations in the body
as tension held in muscles and organs.

Tensions cause the body to be imbalanced,
they constrict blood flow, and flows of subtle energy.

There are subtle manifestations of these tensions.
The east has many names for subtle energy.
it's commonly referred to as chi or prana.

We want the energy to flow everywhere freely,
then a deep sense of empty lightness and freedom arises.

Watch your body very closely at all times,
watch for gross and subtle tensions throughout.
Relax them one at a time with the outgoing breath.

All matter is energy. These energies are more subtle than matter,
they flow through the body along certain channels,
and they are the essence which composes
that which we refer to as mind.

By Alex Grey, Sacred Mirrors

Chi cannot flow freely through the parts of the body
in which we hold our tensions
and so mind cannot freely inhabit these realms.
When it does move through there is friction,
and mind is compelled to manifest bad habits.

There is no way to control the mind without first
controling the body at this subtle level to unfold
our accumulated wrinkles so that that mind can
move freely throughout and see it all clearly
as it is.

Controlling these energies in the body is to control the mind.
Control the mind wisely and you can extinguish the causes of suffering
which inhibit the eternal state of happiness which naturally begins to flow
in the eternal realization of the nature of all things.

You remember what it is like to be a child? Eternally fascinated?
Children have very few bad habits and subtle energy blockages
and so their body does not inhibit natural happiness from flowing.

When you use the cognitive powers of the human mind
to see the world clearly in all it's multidimentional magnificence
this eternal moment feels right at home and the thirst is extinguished.
Peace is seen to be the eternal state, and hapiness naturally flows.

The full potential of the human mind realized in one perfect flow,
so happy to see just how great it all is, without wanting more.

Yet you may ask, this is all fine and good, to talk about it,
though the philosohical notions are always vague
as they must appeal to the collective symbols
we use to describe them
So what are some grounded techniques for realization of this knowlege?

This is one.

posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 2.21am
I really like this website. The practice seems very clear and free from dogma.
The Introduction to Vipassana by Mr. Goenka is very interesting.

I have 2 questions,

1. If one chooses to continue on this path, must they uphold all of the precepts for the rest of their life?

2. I noticed that in order to attend some of the more experienced courses one must not have practiced any other types of meditation since their last course. Why is this?


posted : 2005.Jan.23 @ 7.11pm
Melo, these are good questions.

1.) If one chooses to continue on this path, must they uphold all of the precepts for the rest of their life?

Upholding all the precepts is key to developing a balanced state of happiness throughout the game of life. They naturally arise from a state of realization.

The 5 precepts:

1. Abstain from killing.
This includes the destruction of plants and animals for consumtion, unless you are at risk of killing your own body by not eating them, in which the higher state naturally consumes the lower. Eat beans before fish; fish before cattle; cattle before humans.

2. Abstain from stealing.
This is straightforward, and includes themost subtle forms of borrowing without permission.

3. Abstain from sexual misconduct.
This is a subjective precept, with a very wide span. For most human it means not engaging sexual energies (prana on the plane of the sexual chakra) for the benefit of your own immeadiate gratification which is parrellel to taking intoxicants and stealing energy from another.

Also it implies that one not exchange sexual prana in a way which would cause yourself or another to lie to another about the state of a relationship (adultery).

Sex is to be practiced with a high level of respect for self and other.

The sexual act has an enormous potential for catalyzing mystical experience, in which two subtle bodies commonly closing their own electromagnetic circuit actually merge into one singular field. As the electromagnetic subtle body is the portal into unmanifest awareness, this phenomenon allows two otherwise seperate entities to peer through the exact same set of eyes, which is the merging of the two bodies. Even at the cellular level in Tantric sex, the tissues and cells vibrate together as though both bodies were one organism. The defining element of tantric sex is that there is no peak experience, never orgasm or ejaculation. Like valley energy, it comes in one perpetual flow. Rather than a oscillating release of sexual energies it is a recharging and renewal.

The discipline and technique for this practice is thuroughly outlined in Tantra.

4. Abstain from speaking lies.
Lies undermine the integrity of communication, and implies a form of conditioned dualism between what you know to be true and what you express to others. This ties a major knot in the subtle body, eroding a spontaneous flow of consciousness. Lies cause one to spend a great deal of energy building mental illusions to justify themselves, which manifest further lies.

5. Abstain from taking intoxicants.
Now this a very subtle precept, which is very difficult to observe. There are gross and subtle forms of intoxication. Taking drugs and alchohol into the body is a gross form of intoxication. Cultivating imbalanced emmotional states also causes release of chemicals naturally occuring in the body, which cause intoxicated states.

After practicing mind control (observing the mind out of control) for some time without the use of drugs, the enlightened states of consciousness which many creative minds enjoy from taking intoxicants are in very close reach without being chemically triggered. Drugs cause dependance of themselves to reach these states, cause imbalanced states, and create further conditioning to somehow aquire them, which kinks the flow.

When you're bored sitting in the airport, where you're surely conditioned against drugs, there are few things as fantastic as having the mental agility to press the 'mushroom' button in your brain and start tripping out on the waves and patterns of behavior manifesting all around, while being able to maintain the discipline not to draw too much attention to yourself by splashing in the water fountain. Smile

Anybody who is dependant on drugs to transcend the mundane for higher states of consciousness is surely not a master of their mind, and is thus is a slave to it. To master the mind drugs must be abandoned, and their states persued in a natural balance.

While they do cause seriously imbalanced mental states, drugs may also have a constructive use of opening subtle doors of perception which might otherwise take years. The vision through these open doors may cause inspiration to deepen practice. With deep insight and respect, intoxicants have the ability to be used constructively, though any form of dependance on them will surely impead development of the higher conscious states.

It is common for zen masters to attend parties where people are drinking or smoking cannabis. It is common that they might take a small shot as not to alienate themselves from the collective. Very small, maybe one or two drops... just enough to actually feel without being thrown off balance. This is to demonstrate that it is not that the intoxicants themselves are somhow bad, it is the mental states which they induce which inhibit mindfulness, causing loss of insight and suffering.

Very rare is the person who has the perpetual insight to observe all the precepts in every moment of their lives, as they are all most subtle.

Yet there are no straight lines in the precepts. It is never taught that there is any form or deity who is watching over you at any point, or that sombody practicing is always mindful of the precepts and aims to avoid them... they are verbal snapshots of the behavior of sombody who lives in the realization of the truth that they are one with all things, and not following them is to cause un-needed suffering for themselves and others.

So for example, you need to get to somplace quickly, or else your friend will die. There is a parked car sitting there with the keys in the ignition, and the owner is just in the gas station picking up a candy bar. In in the time it would take you to explain to sombody why you need the car, your friend will have been killed. So you steal the car to abstain from killing, and explain it afterwards.

If you wish to follow the path of the highest balance, become a master of your mind and the universe it projects, eliminate all forms of suffering in this and all forthcoming manifestations, the precepts will naturally be observed with the insight of their value.

2.) Why must Vipassana be practiced exclusively?

Many other forms of meditation involve some level of control in breathing, or any other form of action. Some meditations such as in Tantra require a great deal of visualization. While they are effective in their own ways, they are a seperate path to which must be dedicated. Likewise Vipassana must also have total dedication, as following it absolutely will take you right into the lap of infinity.

It is why you do not practice two religions at the same time, they have different methods to attain the same state, more subtely in the world of meditation, if you would like to come to the state to which all highly developed states lead one must be choosen and followed into the infinite destination.

So for example, it is calming to have a slow breath, slow heartbeat. Brings your mind very present into the moment. So in Yoga or Tantric meditations you would consciously control the breath into a particular vibration. There is an entire art of breath control in Yoga called Pranayama. You control the mind into states of powerul cognition and calmness by controlling the breath in particular patterns. In this process of perpetual breath control you also develope mindfulness and samdhadi (concentration) which can be applied to any other disciplines.

Vipassana is different... it involves total non-reaction, total observance, to create an unbroken thread of awareness interweaving all moments into one conscious strand. As deep as you can cease reaction is how deep your conscious strand of awareness will ascend. Most people practicing Vipassana will have a very slow breath. Very calm mind. But the way it is attained is different.

Whatever breath you begin with, is accepted.

"Vipassana involves the observance of breath. Just keep on observing it, do nothing. Never try to control it. Let nature play it's own game. If it is deep, you are aware that it is deep. If it is shallow, you are aware that it is shallow."

So you may have a quick breath... just watching in a state of non-reaction you stop agrivating the mental patterns which are causing it to be so quick. And so gradually as the mind calms as you develope mindfulness to stop poking it, just like a lake calms after the wind stops blowing, it comes to a calm state, and the breath naturally slows into an effortless state of calm.

Vipassana goes deeper than the breath, right into your deepest conditioning and quells it by simply observing it's form as it bubbles up past the conscious thread of awareness. Like flossing the rotting chunks of flesh out of the mind. The pure mind feels like a clean mouth... superfresh!

posted : 2005.Jan.23 @ 8.42pm
The highest balance is here and now
In any state
In any space
During any mode of discipline
Or drunken cloud
Fine or gross
From the dullest mind
To the sharpest master
The best is in the nest
Of the egg in your mind

There is no need greater
Then the need to achieve more control
Make mistakes
Dance with your ego
Don't focus on perfection
For life is frantic experimentation
Beauty in complications, contradictions,
And irrational emotions

You can experience the infinite perfection that is all when you die
Living is about the all confusing mess that is life



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