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posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 9.12am

posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 4.10pm
John Peel (1939-2004)

>>Lots of links here.

posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 11.09pm

>> quit your crack habit

posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 11.41pm
> circuit bending.
great tutorial & musical examples

posted : 2004.Nov.09 @ 10.44pm

Tom Dowd and the Language of Music
I saw this on cable today and was blown away.
The dude was an Official Audio Engineering Diety.
Take a peek! >> Film Trailer <<

posted : 2004.Nov.15 @ 10.29am

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Floating Studio ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

From the folks at STUDIO 440.

posted : 2004.Dec.15 @ 2.32pm
when i was in NY over thanksgiving, i visited the bitforms gallery,
and saw the work of Peter Vogel.

musical electronic sculptures formed out of the actual circuit itself.
plays different stuff depending on where you stand in front of it.
sorry, no sound clips.

posted : 2004.Dec.26 @ 2.12am
Amazing resource for the electronic side of the musical equation.
To get an idea of how crazy it is check the center dropdown for the orb.
>> wolf's kompaktkiste

Ponder the relationship between the images and the music.
>> Sonata For the Unaware

posted : 2004.Dec.29 @ 7.02pm
In response to Sonatafortheunaware:

Scurrying, hurrying, and always worrying.
Running to catch the last....
Bus home.

These tranquill compositions then calm the mind,
Slowing our synapses from rapid fire chanced happenings.
Allowing at last a moment...
To stand still in an instant of time,
Finally aligned.

Gots me some inspiration from dat dittay, I did.

John Cage once said that the function of music was to calm the mind and make it subseptable to divine influences. I think this composition is on the right track.

posted : 2005.Jan.21 @ 10.52pm
> Symphonic House <

The Wege House explores in first steps the integration of site, sight and sound...As a main theme in their newly designed and built house, they have commissioned the creation of architecture as musical instruments.

posted : 2005.Jan.24 @ 10.35pm

Haken Audio presents the Continuum Fingerboard. To see some examples
of how to play this new instrument check out this and this. Thanks to Ry for the link!

posted : 2005.Jan.24 @ 10.59pm
<< floored

posted : 2005.Jan.27 @ 4.54pm
I never tire of posting this in different places. >> Audiopad


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