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posted : 2005.Jan.15 @ 7.10am
Acrostic poetry is when the first letter of each line together spells a word which is also the title of the poem.

Beyond the obvious
Embrace the unknown
Near your center therein lies
Each dream’s story
Alive with possibility
Take the initiative
Hear yourself

posted : 2005.Jan.15 @ 8.38am
Very Happy I like your use of the acrostic form. I sometimes use acrostics when I think about color theory.

Two Colored Acrostics

Pretty Power Ranger
Insects see infrared
Nice nails!

Pretty color
Red and blue
Passed out on the floor
Lovely, loony, lucky
Enjoy the fantasy

posted : 2005.Jan.16 @ 10.27am

B eyond the horizon
L ies an ocean, vast and deep
U naware of her beauty
E nergized by the moon

posted : 2005.Jan.25 @ 12.30am
BigD, I have enjoyed reading your colored acrostics. I especially like BLUE. That one is really nice.

Satyr, Nymph
Eros, Aphrodite
X-Chromosome, Y-Chromosome

posted : 2005.Jan.27 @ 3.48pm
Very Happy Great acostic! I have been pouring all of my poetry energy into haikus lately. It's time to flash back into the acrostic world of color. Here's one off the top of my head:

B ats disguised as vampires
L amps light the way
A very dark color
C hewing tar off of telephone poles
K rakatoa after the eruption

posted : 2005.Feb.14 @ 4.52pm
Excellent acrostics going on here, they're a pleasure to read. Smile

Here's one about home

Every color
Already found
Reveals a
Terrain expansive,
Humongously round.

the neighbor

Moody spotlight
Onto something
Or maybe not
Nesting way up there

And the mayor

Superhuman muscle
Understanding infinitely
Never dark, illuminating

posted : 2005.Feb.15 @ 6.10am
Good work, Living Proof!
I am impressed by your multi-layered burst of acrostic eneregy.
I will need to journey to the very center of the universe in order to keep up with you.
Let's keep this acrostic thread going.
Living Proof, I will have actual proof for this thread in 24 hours. this is my vow! Very Happy

posted : 2005.Feb.15 @ 1.37pm
Palsied excuses for deep thinking utilizing
Overused Metre, redundant vocabulary, and predictable jargon,
Eminating replies that pucker up to the anal sphincter of the
Tired, un-exciting pseudo-poet.
Remove from display, all of the

posted : 2005.Feb.15 @ 3.26pm
Hastened a quick reply
On the skills of others
Looking to jab wittily.
Iconic, view reveals
Emblematic, fun?, snark.
Requested and put forward
That beyond the usual lark,
Hopefully and toward
A collaboration.
Nuanced and beautiful
That shows a maturation
Hewn from wit, bountiful.
Or even words that ring sublime
Unless, of course, they rhyme

Very Happy

posted : 2005.Feb.16 @ 6.21pm
Big D your reply made me laugh, I believe it's an overstatement of my ability, but I truly appreciate it.
Sahar, thanks for starting this thread, acrostics are something I've known about for a long time, but I never took it for 'what it is' until now. They really can be made in a ton of ways and have unique capabilities!
Poib, Sean, you've made my day. Laughing

More sappy poems coming your way in days to come fools!



posted : 2005.Feb.16 @ 6.53pm
Strength to show
A side of ourselves
Pulsating with sincerity.
Power is revealed when
You make yourself vulnerable.

posted : 2005.Feb.17 @ 6.56pm
I have decided it's time to reveal my dark side. No more happy acrostics for me!

U FO sightings
R ampaging red haired renegade with a hook
B aby in a high chair
A ids flight attendant
N aked lady doing laundry in the basement

L iver and kidney harvesting
E ggs hatching in a guy's brain
G ruesome guy in the back seat
E vil character licking hands under the bed
N ut and the lug nuts
D oberman, (choking)
S ewer rats from Tijuana

posted : 2005.Feb.22 @ 11.46am
BigD, your dark side made me smile Twisted Evil Licking hands under the bed is definitely staying with me

Right to the quick
Until the bones
Little as they are,
Emerge from beneath
Shattered nails

Fathomed? Then
Really, do you think
Even a genius,
Even a mystic
Does know?
Only your self
May find out
X Good and Evil are so close together they share the same blood
Flat out
Respect for
Every person
Ever who
Does what
Only he knows


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