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index « babble « I wrote a story about a pigeon.

posted : 2004.Jul.23 @ 3.28pm
Did you ever wonder where pigeons in the city are

They're born right on Broadway.

Coming out of the deli on my corner with coffee this
morning, I found an ugly and shivering lump of baby
pigeon huddled there on the sidewalk. It was about the
size of your fist, and its feathers were only half
grown in and sticking out all over. I knelt
down to look at it closer and it was very much alive
and breathing hard, but didn't move. On top of the
gate above the store there was a mother pigeon looking
down at me and the baby from her nest.

Do I pick it up and take it home? I envisioned myself
force-feeding it with eyedroppers full of...? What
would I feed it? How do you take care of baby birds
that fall out of nests?

An old Spanish man came by and saw me with the bird.

"It came outta that nest," he said, pointing up.
"How we gonna get it back up there?"

"I don't know," I said.

"Thas hees mother", he said,
and the mother stared back at us.
He picked up the bird and felt its belly.
"Hees okay, but hees hungry. I could throw heem back
up there."

Didn't I learn as a kid never to touch bird's nests
with babies or eggs inside because if you do, the
mother might abandon them? Will the mother still feed
this one once it's been handled by people? Do pigeons
care about such wild bird instincts, since they're
surrounded by people all of the time?

The first throw, his aim was a little off. Unexpectedly
finding himself airborne, the baby bird flapped its
naked and useless little wings but they didn't carry
him any higher, and the mother pigeon jumped back in
fright as he launched towards her. He came falling back down
and the man caught him.
"I'll try again," he said. He threw the bird again,
and this time it landed with a thump on top of
the gate and stayed, but an egg from a nest up there
toppled down in his place and fell with a crack on the

The man started walking away. I looked up at the
mother bird, but couldn't see the baby. I looked at
the egg on the ground and contemplated throwing it
back up there, too...but it was smashed in on one

The man turned back with arms out and upturned palms.
"It was thee only thing I could do," he called, as he
walked away.

I stared at the broken egg on the ground, then walked
back to my apartment.

It was the only thing I could do.

posted : 2004.Jul.25 @ 7.47pm

Super good, Vness. Very NYC. Four days in Manhattan were not enough.

posted : 2004.Jul.25 @ 7.59pm
We'll have to get you back here sometime...

posted : 2004.Dec.29 @ 5.46pm
ha ha! I love this story Laughing


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