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posted : 2004.Nov.03 @ 3.05am
updates belowok back after a short bereak this is the reason why:

Time for some Infra-red goodness:


Colour version


Colour version



Colour version


BW version

So hard deciding which is better colour or B&W...


posted : 2004.Nov.03 @ 9.27am
these are awesome, I especially like #5. What is that a picture of?

posted : 2004.Nov.03 @ 10.09am
meloyelo - thanks! #5 is the overflow on a dam, it's a stepped wall between two towers, I'm viewing it from the side.

posted : 2004.Nov.03 @ 10.34am
Congratulations, Mark! Beer Toast
The streaked clouds of IR no.1 add so much
to an already great shot. I like them all and the
wedding pic is great! Your expressions are golden.

posted : 2004.Nov.03 @ 5.23pm
Ethereal images. Lovely.

Was #2 a long exposure? The clouds are awesome.
Is it true IR photography, or some kind of filter on the lens?

Congratulations, you both look so happy in pic #1. Very Happy

posted : 2004.Nov.04 @ 5.13am
air - thanks, I really should stay behind the camera, rather than in front of it. Yeah i love the movement in the IR images, it really adds to the mood.

Sandbag, they are all long exposures, usually around the 10 second mark or more. These are all digital IR pics, using the hoya R72, it's like looking through a welders mask. All IR pics ( film or digital) use filters, as you need to reduce the amount of normal light that hits the film / sensor. I've just tried out a konica IR film using a deep red filter, I'll have to get thsoe scanned. I have a kodak film to try as well, though that needs to be handled in complete darkness, which is a pain.


posted : 2004.Nov.10 @ 8.16am

a few images that i've being hoarding...hope you enjoy.

The view from my front door.

On the moors watching an approaching storm

posted : 2004.Nov.16 @ 8.57am
a few more that I haven't posted here before:



posted : 2004.Nov.16 @ 9.04am
Shocked Sexy stuff. I'm diggin' the richness and the bigness of it all.
Sunset looks good enough to eat and the view from your door...
epic sky. The color shot from the moors owns. CheersCheersCheers

posted : 2004.Nov.18 @ 4.49am
Fantastic! I love a good sky shot anyday. Smile

posted : 2004.Nov.21 @ 9.55pm
Mark, i love you, and your photographs. I'm in awe. This thread has so inspired i could make muffins.

Lets have babies, they could be photo gods!!!! Filling the world with photographs so beautiful that exsistence it's self wouldnt see the point in competing and cease.

pat pat pat

good job

There will be a day where we sit down to tea and exchange prints.

Very Happy

posted : 2004.Nov.22 @ 2.52am
i bet they tasted yummy. Very Happy

I'll look forward to that day,,, i'd best get printing now!

Thanks Poxin.

edit: me and my manners! Very Happy thanks air and scotty,

posted : 2004.Dec.13 @ 2.20am
afternoon light over the Ullswater.


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