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posted : 2004.Dec.12 @ 11.22am
I am a media fiend. I know many of you are as well.
So, here is where we tell each other about films, music, books, video games and other whatnots that are not to be missed. Things which bring us bliss or move us. I have a group of films that inspired this thread. I am constantly lending out the DVDs of the first two and telling people to just keep them and getting new ones. There are so many more but these are a great starting point. Be sure to seek them out.

>>Waking Life
Quite possibly my favorite movie of all time.
Watch the trailer. It does a good job of encapsulating the movie. BUY

Tied for first place. This is one powerful and awe inspiring film.
After viewing the stills from the link above you'll see what I mean.
Not a word is spoken in this global meditation. BUY

The predecessor of Baraka. Released in 1983 this film is timeless.
Lots of stunning imagery and perception altering time lapse views of the world. BUY

>>Rivers and Tides
A documentary on artist Andy Goldsworthy. One of my favorite artists.
Another poetic film. If you love art and nature this one is a must. BUY

posted : 2004.Dec.12 @ 3.05pm
Yes, these are among my favorites as well.
I will add the film:
>>Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring

posted : 2004.Dec.12 @ 3.32pm
>>Body Worlds
I saw this exhibit yesterday, they inject colored plastic into real human bodies allowing us to view our inner workings in a whole new way. It's showing in Los Angeles at the California Science Center until January 23rd, Everyone should definitely check this out if they have the chance. The catalog is pretty impressive as well if you are unable to make it to a showing.

posted : 2004.Dec.26 @ 4.56am
One of my favorite film makers is the Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki.
All of these films are well worth a viewing. All hand painted backgrounds,
great characters, original concepts... love in every frame.

>>Spirited Away
Easily one of the best films ever made. Absolutely dreamlike, pure magic.
There is so much going on that you will need to see it more than once.
For a peek at some visuals go HERE and click the bottom link. BUY << Seriously.

>>My Neighbor Totoro
More child like magic. Beautiful settings, magical critters, not a lot of wasted words, slow paced. BUY

>>Princess Mononoke
More of the same. This film really shows Miyazaki's love of nature. Lots of action in this one.
Take a look at the TRAILER and tell me you don't want to see this one. BUY

>>NausicaƤ of the Valley of Wind
AKA Warriors of the Wind. The first Miyazaki film I saw, back in 1987. I was blown away.
Such a great fantasy tale. Tons of action and memorable characters. It was impossible to find
for the longest time. Well, it has finally been redubbed and released. BUY

>>Kiki's Delivery Service
This one has the Totoro vibe. Very sweet and mellow with some nice humor. BUY

There's a new Miyazaki film on the horizon! Howl's Moving Castle is slated for a 2005 US release.

posted : 2004.Dec.27 @ 11.35am
The only one I haven't seen of those is Totoro! They are amazing and beautifully done! Excellent choices, Air.

posted : 2005.Jan.03 @ 5.38pm
>>Bill Hicks
One of the best recommendations seƱor Air ever bestowed upon me.

posted : 2005.Jan.25 @ 9.03pm
you gotta see Totoro... with the exception of Spirited Away, it's my favorite one.

posted : 2005.Feb.18 @ 1.49pm
Some good books:

>> The Complete Graphics of Eyvind Earle...This book will run you about $200 but if you find it, buy it. Earle is timeless.

>> William Shih-Chieh Hung: Oil paintings...Asian American figure painter.

>> Joseph Clement Coll:The Art of Adventure...Exquisite turn of the century pen and ink illustrations.

posted : 2005.Mar.14 @ 8.14pm
>> Kikujiru
one of my favorite movies of all time

posted : 2005.Mar.16 @ 1.35am
Also by Hayao Miyazaki:

>>Porco Rosso
A most fun and unique piece of animation. BUY

>>Castle in the Sky
Right from the first shot to the end credits, this one is pure magic. BUY

posted : 2009.Feb.08 @ 6.21pm

» Koyaanisqatsi on Hulu
The commercials are especially tasteless when watching this kind of film...
Philip Glass saves the day, as always. Wink


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