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posted : 2004.Dec.06 @ 12.09am
We are in the middle of peaceful, chaotic, negative, positive, understood, not understood, too much progress, not enough progress, happy sad crazy sane love hate �Do this, don�t do that, take these, but not those! Eat this; DON�T eat THAT! Religion, philosophy, science, theories� I just bought the latest, the greatest, the fastest, the best� This will make you smarter; a better lover; have more energy; as well as, better your memory and take away all your disease. You know what I just heard, what I saw on TV, who I just spoke with, what I just read, what I came across on the Internet?


Isn't it great to be here, in this time? To be a witness and part of it all!

posted : 2004.Dec.06 @ 11.32am
Curious that in this Information Age there would be so much misinformation. Strange that we get advice to "believe all you hear, but believe nothing that anyone tells you." There are people now who will invent evil for the sake of making themselves appear good. There are as many sides to a story today as there are computers on the internet. There are still those who will claw their way up a mountain of the innocent just to proclaim themselves the better person.

It truly is a spectacle to behold. A marvel, a wonder, and a festering sore to the psyche.

And it's worth every moment, knowing that there are still those people who believe in the greater good. Each and every person who sees a miracle in the mundane, and anyone who will say in all honesty that they are truly thankful.

You lighten my heart by enlightening your minds.

posted : 2004.Dec.06 @ 12.38pm
This monsterous demonous wrathfulous beast
born of our own projections consuming the feast,

is a wave in the sea of a self-aware dance-
watch it rise and it fall in the palm of our hands.

As we ride this high surf along talons of time
we will play every tune, then awake just to find

all the ways that we played were a piece of one light
to unfold the great present, discover our lives.

posted : 2004.Dec.07 @ 8.23pm
I was watching my cats play last night, wondering what was on their minds
when I realized, I feel fine.

posted : 2004.Dec.08 @ 8.11am
I realize I'm a little ahead of myself, but I wanted to wish you all a Very Happy Thursday.

posted : 2004.Dec.08 @ 8.36am

Subtle. Funny. Laughing...


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