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index « optical « Feathers, Dew, Milkweed and Seeds.... *Updated 11/28*

posted : 2004.Nov.20 @ 7.58am
Been finding beauty a lot these days...Nature is grand. Pulsing Love



And a Black and White...

posted : 2004.Nov.20 @ 9.02am
Shocked Deep respect

posted : 2004.Nov.22 @ 2.54am
silky. great stuff as always.

posted : 2004.Nov.22 @ 8.04am
#2... #3... ah, whatever... beautiful... Beer Toast

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 10.44am
Thanks all.....consider me boosted to do more photography in this vein. Wink

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 5.19pm
Do it, do it, vein it, do it. Very Happy Rock
You got the cosmic eye.

They're like spider nebulas bursting in the back yard.

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 6.11pm
Thanks Phong...I will...mos def. Wink

Here's one more from that day since you guys have been so cool....

posted : 2004.Nov.27 @ 8.58am
Gorgeous photos, Scotty! I love the compositions of all of the elements together.
You have a great eye and have captured nature's beauty once again. Deep respect
Now, don't be shy...let's see more!

posted : 2004.Nov.28 @ 12.20pm
Thanks Ang!Smile you wish...

...a few Black and White's that never made the cut first time around.....




posted : 2004.Nov.28 @ 3.59pm
snaily spiral
lost within a world of frosty
glossed moss.

glossy moss
how thou dost
pleasure eyes
with jost haust.

posted : 2004.Nov.29 @ 5.46am
That last one is one of the coolest evar!
I love that kind of stuff. Dancing


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