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posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 12.48pm
Hi everyone. My name is Craig. I'm 29 .. living in Omemee, Ontario, Canada.
Thanks to my pal Scotty for the invite to become a member of the Pod Collective.
Looking forward to meets and greets and having fun posting and viewing some excellent imagery.
Look forward to any comments/crits you may have too.. I wanna learn!

Enough chatter.. here's some pics from the last couple of weeks.
Not sure about the proper etique here.. what's the norm for posting a series of pictures at a time?
If this is too many... sorry Embarassed









And here's a dead bug that attached itself to my sweater while I was cleaning out my car.

Very Happy

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 5.26pm
I would love to see human subjects
lurking in your mysterious compositions.

Because it's all about that last shot!
The self-attached dead bug.

Yay for Foz and the dead bug! Rock

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 6.19pm
Welcome aboard man!

You're welcome for the invite...I figure if I'm in should be too.Wink

We gotta get that studio set up in your basement man...then we can REALLY get pumpin' the quality photos out. It'd be nice to have somewhere already set up...instead of setting up something spur of the moment like we do now.Laughing Although it clearly gets the job done anyhow according to the fly shot above...I really like how that came out. Smile

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 8.06pm
haha.. thanks Phong.
Human subjects scare me Surprised it's so unknown to me.
Scott yeah.. that'd be cool. We'll have to set something up.

posted : 2004.Nov.27 @ 4.55pm
Welcome Foz!
I dig number 8 a bunch.
Maybe next time post bigger?

posted : 2004.Nov.27 @ 7.57pm
I like that size.. They fit just right on my screen *nodnod*

Great stuff! The bug creeps me out, but I love it!

posted : 2004.Nov.28 @ 9.33am
Good pictures and nice to meet you!

posted : 2004.Nov.29 @ 9.16am
Welcome to the fora, Foz! Nice batch of photos, especially the dead bug.

posted : 2004.Dec.01 @ 5.52am
Thanks all. I feel very welcome here...
Here's some older ones.. a selection of some of my favorite shots over the past few months.

And some from 2003

posted : 2004.Dec.01 @ 7.04am
The shape and detail of the Sci-Fly is epic, as is the way the
DOF fuzzes out the texture of the sweater and swaps its' rich
crimsony orangeness for subtle coolness at a perfect 45 degree
angle. The misty magical coastline is another fav. The quality
of the foratography lately has been a real eye popper and you
are a welcome addition to the collective set of eyes we all get
to look through by browsing about the place.

posted : 2004.Dec.01 @ 8.58am

i like #2 (from the first batch), and of course the dead bug.

posted : 2004.Dec.02 @ 8.02am
great to see you here foz, i love the dead bug shot.

posted : 2004.Dec.17 @ 12.20pm
A couple quickies from a walk at lunch today.


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