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posted : 2004.Oct.22 @ 9.36pm

I like all the unpolished sonic shards in audial

these days so I decided to add my little didge bits to the mix.

Trying to play in time with a delay >> Didgeridelay 

Playing different bits and ProToolsing them together >> Just Didge


In case you need some info on the Didgeridoo

Physics: here and here

Links: here

posted : 2004.Oct.23 @ 12.19am
i love the variety of sounds you are using, including the beatboxing.
how long have you been playing?
it sounds great.

posted : 2004.Oct.25 @ 7.11am
Thanks, Marc.

Pod dweller Xavi helped me make my first didge at his place on...
I wrote it down: November 18, 1998. Hey, my Didgeversary is coming up!
So, next month will be six years playing. I started with agave and bought my first
hardwood stick this year. I currently have four and they cover a good range.
Didge is my only connection to musicianship and some would argue it doesn't
even qualify. Having been jumped into it by an extra terrestrial I don't play in a
traditional way either. Xavi's approach: Make simulated electroninc music
by mouth-farting into a dead cactus. I said, "Sign me up!"

posted : 2004.Nov.04 @ 1.43pm
I would LOVE to hear more from you..
If you ever found the time to fully realize a piece all by your lonesome
i know it would be great.
its time to Bring back the Mouth-Farting!!


posted : 2004.Nov.11 @ 3.08am
dont let them bring you down.
what you do is good, if not for yourself then for who?

mouth-farting into a dead cactus turns out to be precisely what the 'traditional' players did.

and i guess it wouldnt hurt to have people around that constantly encourage us to push the boundaries of our defenitions and pre-conceived ideas of art & the world.

i made my first and only didge around dec'02 out of PVC pipe, including the mouthpiece--you can really hear the plastic in the overtones. i haven't played it in over a year.

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 12.20pm
My earliest didginspiration came from Xavi. Here is a
bit of improve didge doodles he recorded back in 1999.

>>Drum and Bass Didge
Xavi playing the didge from the Track, taken Spring this year. Click pic below to enter Xavi's World .

posted : 2004.Dec.17 @ 8.02am
I don't get to hear a Didgeridoo very often, but when I do...I'm strangely drawn to it. I love the uniqueness of it's sound. I would love to get one and learn to play it. Smile

posted : 2004.Dec.17 @ 8.37am
Well, you can make one out of PVC pipe and start playing today
or you can fly to Australia and make one The Old Fashion Way!

Here are some pod brother Xavi made from dried agave stalks. He painted them also.

This Xavster master piece belongs to brother grunt. Wonder if he still plays...

Here's an older pic of X himself wearing some fresh pod gear he made and holding a didge he
gifted to me. I will take some close up pics of it soon. It's ridiculous. It still has the root ball on it.

posted : 2005.Apr.03 @ 12.25pm

Photo I took when Stephen Kent played in Encinitas. Amazing player.


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