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posted : 2004.Nov.04 @ 11.35am
Color mods.

How can color change (or enhance) the message of an image?

posted : 2004.Nov.04 @ 9.23pm
little green men.

posted : 2004.Nov.05 @ 9.06am
Little green men?

OK Cool.

Let's see some Dude!

posted : 2004.Nov.20 @ 7.11am
Good mod fog. The new colors seem more appropriate some how.
I'll pick up the
green mod. Who knew the Wizard lived in La Jolla?!

I used several Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layers with Masks to skip my
way down the Yellow Brick Road. It took longer than it looks like it did,
probably because I fussed with it so much.

posted : 2004.Nov.20 @ 3.23pm
I remember seeing that building in La Jolla, impressed the fuck out of me too.


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