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posted : 2012.Jul.06 @ 11.01pm


Surfing the edge of the 2012 novelty wave is a unique media platform celebrating the emerging global visionary culture through its art and designs. The Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex is customizable microgallery, dimensional puzzle, syncretic oracle, and a game that can be played a thousand ways. This melded media miasma features art from 52 countries on all 7 continents, design fields from a guild of visionaries, metapoetiks in 40 languages and a working divinatory system featuring the Tarot, Yi Jing and Mayan Calendar.

To celebrate the transformative magic at this turning point in our planetary ecology comes a fleet media complex like none-other. Interconnected cards can be collected to build art installations, ritual altar displays, and oracle decks or to act as gaming tokens in the journey of becoming conscious. Extremely rare, each card is printed in a limited edition of 500 or 1000 and functions as valuable meta currency in the new gifting economy. Reflecting the creative potentials of the emerging planetary culture, this meta media menage is a complex confluence of consciousness and a dynamic new kind of community media.

This non-profit project intends to inspire the creation of all forms of art and art culture. All proceeds from subscriptions will go to completing payment on printing and mailing costs for this new set, allowing thousands upon thousands of cards to be given away freely.

The low cost five month subscription features art from :

Mati Klarwein (America)
Michael Parkes (America) 
Michael Hiep (Netherlands) 
Cheryl Yambrach Rose-hall (Czech Republic)
Roman Villagrana (America)
Kinuko Craft (America)
Herman Smorenburg (Netherlands) 
Reinhard Schmid (Germany)
Hana Lisa Omer (Israel)
Shaun Friesen (Canada)

The full meta set, some of which is available as single cards, features all the above art cards in addition to those featuring :

Alex Grey (America)
Amanda Sage (America)
Mitsuru Nagashima (Japan)
Oleg Korolev (Ukraine)
Andrew Gonzalez (America)
Robert Venosa (America)
Ernst Fuchs (Austria)
Martina Hoffmann (Spain)
Wolfgang Harms (Germany)
David Michael Bowers (America)
Michael Parkes (America)
Brigid Marlin (England)
De Es (Austria)
Menunana (Netherlands)
Maria Isabela Hartz (Brasil)
Pablo Amaringo (Peru)
Allyson Grey (America)
Sigrid Nepelius (Austria)
Kinuko Craft (America)
Romio Shrestha (Nepal)
David Hewson (Peru)
Adam Scott Miller (Australia)
Erial (Cosmos)
Jose Arguelles (Arcturus)
Simon Haiduk (Canada)
Raul Casillas (Canada)
Yvonne Mcgillivray (England)
Gaia Orion (Canada)
Katheryn 'Ka' June (America)
Roman Villagrana (America)
Hana Alisa Omer (Israel)
Bruce Rimell (England)
Doktor J and Mark Lee (Canada and England) 
Jarah Tree (Australia)
Luke Brown (Bali)
Izwoz and Paul Abad (Australia) 
Daniel Mirante (England)
Xavi (America)
Cody Chancellor (Canada)
Anderson Debernardi (Peru)


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