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posted : 2012.Jun.21 @ 11.03am

I like board games.


I like strategic perfect-knowledge board games themed around construction and cooperative building and incorporating minimal, if any, elements of luck and chance (AKA Eurogames, e.g. Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico), as opposed to chaotic wargames themed around conflict, dice, and beating the other player (AKA Ameritrash, e.g. Monopoly, Risk).


I really like this one game called Ora et Labora.


I like it so much that I programmed an online application to maintain the state of a board and let me play it online with internet friends. It looks like this:






What I don't like, is that someone has already acquired the digital rights to the artwork, but has not announced any public plans to create their own online version of it. I can not make this game public without infringing on another brother's copyright squatting. The artwork, as beautiful as it is, is the only thing stopping me from allowing anyone to play with this thing I have made. The mechanics of the game are unpatented, and copyrights do not extend to gameplay (in the United States).


I am looking for an artist who would like to reskin this. 


Compensation for your time and energy is very negotiable; No artist wants to work for free. Please contact me at 


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