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posted : 2012.Apr.04 @ 8.58pm

sacred podular allies


it has been ages since i have posted on here!!!


i just feel like celebrating how truly epic this fora has been for me over the years.


it has been several years now that i've been interactivating with pod on some level

it seems like it was a bygone era when i was first posting on here and making friends

but the friends i have made on pod... my god they have all really lasted

every one of the good friends that i interacted strongly with on here are still my friends

and many of them have turned out to be incredible light beings who continually blow my mind

i am so thankful for the connections!!!


also, the level of posting has always been very high quality

i still reference back to the fora for some super key threads

that i had made historic posts on that i needed to reference years later

and others as well


i am so thankful for this rooted template for divine co:inspiration


blessed network of high elvish light love


keep being awesome!!! *)))



lunaya of the way 




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