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posted : 2011.May.31 @ 5.29pm

Greetings Podlings,

   I've been focussing on my first Pod post for quite some time now, telling myself that I need to do one truly amazing piece before I can finally go for it.  If I continue with that mind set though, I'll never get  it done.  So here it goes.  After all, there will be many more to come.

   Before I start, I have to make a quick shout out to George Atherton.  Geo has been gracious enough to go out of his way on multiple occasions to answer my long dorky emails, giving me some of the most helpful and insightful advice anyone has ever given me as an artist.  This particular post is dedicated to him.

   I also want to thank the gurus behind Podcollective, Dreamcatcher, and Illuminated for their divine inspiration.  It means a lot to me knowing that you guys are dedicated to maintaining a community of true artists of the future, uncorrupted by the dark temptations of commercial industry, and playing a profound role in making the world a more beautiful and creative place for visionary artists.  This community represents so much of what I aspire to achieve in my artistic journey, and I am really greatful that you guys are rockin' it.  You are my heroes.

   Lastly, to Andrew Jones, if you come across this post, just know that anything I ever accomplish as an artist is a sincere tribute to your influence.  Whether I'm blasting shape sifted light energy into a party of 1,000 people, ascending to the highest chakras in the middle of a forest, or saving princesses from the scum of the earth, it's all happening and continues to happen because of you.  So without getting too mushy on the forums, I'll just say, Viva Android Jones! 

   So here it goes.  

   Ill just give a quick background.  In the beginning... well I guess there's no such thing, but I was born in New Jersey to a family of two loving parents, an older brother whose every step I followed, and a little sister who I adore.  I started out as most children do filling in coloring books, and just kept going with it.  Eventually, my mom bought me a sketch book to draw in, and I continued to draw.  We later moved to the deep forests of Connecticut, and then to the shores of Sarasota Florida.  Upon graduating from high school, I knew I wanted to be an artist, but wasnt exactly sure where to go with it.  When I applied to the Ringling School of art and Design in Sarasota, I was asked by the dean of admissions if I was interested in computer animation.  I was honest in saying that I was fascinated by the medium, but had no idea how it worked.  He told me that didnt matter, and that my drawings had a "particularly strong sense of storytelling."  He encouraged me to give it a shot anyway.  So I did.  After four years of hard core computer animation training, I graduated, and later discovered Andrew's work which changed my art forever.  The weird twist in this story is that Andrew went to the same school and department as I did, even though I admittedly never heard of him until later.  

   So here I am today, continuing to advance my skills, searching for opportunities to excel my career and continue evolving my art.

Now to the art...

This piece was inspired by an experience I had in the woods of Fort Meyers last year.  During a profound breathwork, I put my hands in front of myself and experienced a sensation in which I could literally feel a spacial ball of energy between my hands.  As I moved my hands farther apart, the energy grew wider, and as I brought them closer, it became smaller and more dense.  As I experienced this, I looked around and realized that I was sensing everything around me, the air, the trees, the ground, and the people I was with.  It was at that moment I realized that we and everything are all truly one.

I enjoyed working on this piece so much, that I decided to make a 3d model of it. 

My intention for this is to have a 3d print made so people can actually wear it.  Manifest thy dreams.

One of the greatest things about Corel Painter is that it provides us with a great medium for live projection art.  I created this piece at  a pre-Christmas warehouse party in Tampa FL.   The setting was perfect.  I was stationed on a balchony projecting the image across the warehouse.  There were Nightmare Before Christmas inflatables, giant mechanical elephants, hulahoops, and lots and lots of glowing things.  As I was pulling the piece together, I saw a face that reminded me of a Painting at the Ringling Museum called Blue Mary.  Being Christams time, I thought it an appropriate theme to go with.


Colonial Daze.

A study of a Richard Avedon photo.

I created this piece at a park in downtown Sarasota, and finished it later at home.  I tried to bring the autumn energy into it.

Another trick I learned from Andrew- This thumbnail exercise is one of my favorite methods of character design.  Using this method and variations of it, I have come up with designs that I would have never been able to draw freehand.  The results are spontaneous, yet have a vibe that comes from within.


The Art of Creation

Stutterfly-  I created this image for my friend Coleman, who warps tracks that will make your conscious mind turn inside out and splatter into oblivion. 

Sugarpill-  This is some EP art I did for my brother Evan who's rockin the electronic music scene out in LA.  He recently had his debut at Low End Theory, a proud family moment.

Poster for a New College conference and gathering called All Power to the Imagination.

Some of my early attempts in Painter.

This was the first piece I ever created live.  I was blessed to start out doing live art at Rick Doblins first MAPS house here in Sarasota.  The entire house is an inspiration in itself,  made entirely of wood, stone, and nuances such as crystals embedded in the walls. 

This was the first piece I ever did in Painter that I was able to hold together.  I had just downloaded Andrew's fine art demo video (much appreciated) and wanted to give shape sifting a try.  My experience with shape sifting is that when I am in the act, I am not simply making art.  I am traveling through an interdimensional reality, where chaos is dominant, beautiful, and even a little scary at times.  Yet every time I go there, I discover some kind of being, an entity that is recognizable, yet foreign and unique.  Once I see the creature, I manifest it to it's actual form, and eventually come back to normal consciousness.  When I sent this image to my brother, he said to me "this is the most 'you' of anything you've ever done."  I really believe that learning techniques and wisdom from Andrew has helped me discover myself as an artist.

And here is the last piece I created using only Photoshop.  This is a birthday card I created for my first roomate Twist.

I sign all of my work with this sort of a warped question mark.  Because the world we are experiencing is so full of mystery and wonder, the only way to develope intellectually, ethically, and creatively is to constantly question everything.  I believe that the greatest answers only lead to greater questions.

The Kownt-  the last piece I created before discovering Andrew's work.  I had recently discovered the work of Seth Fisher, and was kind of digging a more surreal cartoony vibe that I adopted while at Ringling.  Every now and then I think of the direction my art would have gone in if I had stayed that course.  The vibe is still there, and will perhaps come through a bit more in future works.  If anybody has ever read Green Lantern: Will World btw, thats my #1 favorite comic book.

Ah my senior thesis.  At Ringling's department of computer animation, all seniors must create a short film, (about 2 minutes) from start to finish, meeting deadlines that even professional animators rarely have to deal with.  The piece took about 18 months from start to finish and was easily the most challenging endeavor I have ever faced.  The storyline changed dramatically several times throughout the process, often going in one direction, then completely in another.  I was actually making story changes 2 weeks before the final was due.  As challenging as it was, I learned a lot about who I was as an artist, and the extent to which I would push myself to see a project through from start to finish.  This was also my most personal piece up until that point.  I thought of the characters as two halves of my personality.

You can also check out my official animation reel at

Roomscape-  at 32x40" I created this drawing on a matboard using only layers of red yellow and blue colored pencils.  It took my entire summer vacation, but I recall enjoying every minute of it.

The Storm- this piece won first place at the Ringling Freshmen art show.

I created this drawing when I was in high school.  It won third place at the Gongressional Art Show, the award being that it would be displayed in Katherin Harrises' office for 1 year.  Kind of an awkward honor for me.

And this was a still-life I did in highschool.  Sarasota is about 45 minutes south of the Dali Museum.

Well, there it is, my first post to Podcollective.  I'm not sure how I want to wrap it up, so I'll just finish off with a quote from one of my favorite Shamans.  I take these words with me wherever I go.

"Think of the power that's in the Universe, moving the Earth, growing the trees, and that's the same power within you, if you'll only have courage, and the will to use it!"

Charlie Chaplin- Limelight

posted : 2011.May.31 @ 10.08pm
Bravo Max :::::Smile  You have a potent arsenal of story-telling skills at your disposal, it's great to see their evolution in action.  Keep on rocking it every day and we'll be jamming together in person before you know it.  Have fun and keep going!!  Namasteji Smile

posted : 2011.May.31 @ 10.55pm
Thanks again Geo.  Standing by.  Smile

posted : 2011.May.31 @ 11.51pm
Remember to develop your style in your sketchbook, maintain your connection to nature and breathe deeply.  Android's got some good advice posted here in the Seeing Is Believing Tour site.

posted : 2011.Jun.01 @ 12.30am
I will remember these words and you will be seeing more sketch book pages soon.   Smile

posted : 2011.Jun.03 @ 3.15pm
woohoo! awesome studies, and some clean and not-overdone 3D work. your art has an aftertaste of 50's modernism....maybe?

posted : 2011.Jun.03 @ 4.51pm
Thank you!  I soak up inspiration from everywhere really, often from unexpected places.  I think a bit of 50's modernism definitely rubbed off on me the last time I was at MOMA, but it really comes from wherever I find beauty.  Integration is a driving force for me.
I totally dig your website btw. 


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