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posted : 2007.Apr.19 @ 6.55am



These links are broken except the last one 'vertices' ... sorry to all. especially

to Agape, whose gorgeous comments now seem like non sequiters. edited by sylvain may 21st 2011

posted : 2007.Apr.27 @ 4.19pm
This is so beautiful.
I played this right as I sat down to dinner and it was the perfect mood!

Muchas gracias!

Very Happy

posted : 2007.Apr.30 @ 7.44pm
Thanks for the comment! This was encouraging for me.

posted : 2007.Nov.22 @ 9.24pm


posted : 2007.Nov.30 @ 1.08am

posted : 2008.Jan.08 @ 11.36pm
soil 3:28 broken link

posted : 2008.Jan.12 @ 9.29pm
so life returns 5:52 brokened link

posted : 2008.Jan.12 @ 9.44pm
because this one was made tonight....

i sometimes think i am losing it...but i won't shrink back...

[edit] god i sound like a treat! [edit]

posted : 2008.Jan.13 @ 8.51am
you've got some broken links there kiddo!
Sounding good!

posted : 2008.Feb.12 @ 7.52pm
post edited for broken links

posted : 2011.May.05 @ 8.19am
Vertices Multi-track improvisation. The link should work. Thank you.


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