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posted : 2011.Apr.12 @ 12.47pm

Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters are kick starting their next album with funding from

Visit Danyavaad Kickstarter Page

April 1, 2011- Danyavaad & The Shimmy Sisters have been on a nomadic journey through the soul and need help to produce their next album "Nine Levels of Bliss". They have 30 days (April 1- 30, 2011) to raise $7,000.00 to produce their album and merchandise (posters, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, rub-on tattoos, promotional 16-page press kit) and take it on tour! There are nine different levels of donation. The more you donate the more goodies and services you will receive (including performances and personalized songs.)


Danyavaad - Kickstarter - April 2011 from Sandbag on Vimeo.

Kickstarter is a new (and the largest) funding platform that helps propel creative projects from all over the world into reality. It allows fans to fund projects and helps create a buzz around new artists. Every month, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields. It’s a new form of commerce and patronage. It is not about investment or lending. Project creators keep 100% ownership and control over their work. Instead, they offer products and experiences that are unique to each project. On Kickstarter, projects are All or Nothing funding. A project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands. “Urbanized: A Documentary Film” by Gary Hustwit raised over $115,000. Sons of Bill, an Americana Rock band from Charlottesville Virginia, raised over $30,000 for their third album. On April 1 Danyavaad launch their fund raising page for 30 days.

Danyavaad & The Shimmy Sisters is a five piece gypsy / bellydance / rock band based out of San Diego, California. In their six years together they have released a two disc CD/DVD "March of the Gypsies", been nominated for Best World Music Artist and Album in the San Diego Music Awards, received praise on America's Got Talent, and performed throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida and Mexico. They've contributed to the experience of Wanderlust, Burning Man, EarthDance, and various belly dance festivals. This is just the beginning of sharing their artful spirit with each other and you.

“Nine Levels Of Bliss” is a poetic journey through mythology, magic, shamanism, and self discovery. In addition to English, there are also lyrics in Hungarian and Farzi. The album will be more musically diverse than “March of the Gypsies.” In addition to the electric sitar, bass, and percussion found on their first album, this effort will feature Saz and Cumbus Guitar (both from Turkey), Sueng (from Thailand), mandolin, violin, accordion, and more electronic sounds.

Through Kickstarter pledges Danyavaad can attain their goal and share the mystical elements of their music and dance. Fans can help bring their vision into reality right NOW! All donations are blissfully respected.

Donations can be made at


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