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posted : 2011.Apr.10 @ 7.14pm

every tree
with its calling card...
spring buds

- issa


pod life

along the podular passageways of the possible
we intersect with all manner of media
giving life to the rich cultural biodiversity of art and creative ness

in the spirit of exploration and growth
pod correspondent Delvin has made his way out to the media lab at CoSM in New York
helping to forge an art culture vehicle
for supporting, developing and promoting the sacred, surreal, shamanic, fantastic and visionary arts in all their forms



in order to make this new volume happen we need to raise basic printing and design costs through space sponsorships
if you are inspired to participate

your support would be greatly appreciated in helping to activate this global visionary media vehicle


as a special incentive for painters, digital artists, photographers, sculptors, and glass blowers
along with galleries and arts organizations
we have created the 'Cosmic Gallery'
a unique opportunity to share your work with a wider circle of the World Community
this sponsored space is offered at 50% less cost than previously
and includes mailing participants a new Journal as soon as it is released!

designed like a regular spread of the Journal and not appearing like an 'advertisement'
the cosmic gallery already includes incredible work from around the world include amazing visionaries like Brigid Marlin, Carey Thompson, Lindy Kehoe, Chris Dyer, Ciaran Shaman, and Melissa Shemanna



you can see more details, sizes and prices which start at only $100 if you follow this link :

the new volume will have both a hardcopy version distributed through our global network
and an online version with clickable links that will help it to travel through the global media streams, able to share your work with a wide web of art collectors, aficionados, galleries, and arts organizations


we are exciting to be able to feature many visionary painters

here is a listing of some of them

along with promotional banners designed with their artwork


Anderson Debernardi



John Miles



Lowry Burgess



Peter Gric



De Es Schwertberger



Gil Bruvel


Amanda Sage



Herman Smorenburg



Jose Arguelles



Martina Hoffmann



and Robert Venosa



alongside Astrophotographers like

Jim Misty



Jason Ware




and Neil Fleming


there are also visionary thinkers like Deepak Chopra, Grandmother Flordemayo, Graham Hancock, Jose Arguelles Nassim Haramein, Andrew Cohen, Alex Grey, and the Brothers Mckenna amidst a huge selection of other artists and activists.

we welcome you to join us in creating this art culture media vehicle
which we believe will help affirm, strengthen and promote your work
alongside our growing global community of visionary artists
to a wider ring of the World Community

contact for more details

every blessing

delvin and marisa
Allyson and Alex Grey



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