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posted : 2010.Dec.29 @ 2.52pm

I thought it would be a good idea to end my last thread of art, Since so much has developed artistically for me I think it would be best to Reformat the slate clean for the new year. 
These first two images are photo manipulations with painting and design work overlayed.


Flutterby: The Goddess of metamorphosis.
Flutterby: The Goddess of metamorphosis.
30x36" Mixed media.

The forest spirits.

36"x22" Mixed media.

Both Phong and Andrew have been inspiring me to reach for more depth in my pieces. I am learning new techniques and implementing them daily! This is the time for change and I feel the shift now more than ever. Again deep thanks to everyone supporting me on my artistic journey and special thanks to Geo Atherton and the dreamcatcher team for providing me new brushes and resources to evolve my creative process to the next level.

Deepist blessings ~ Justin. 

posted : 2010.Dec.30 @ 8.36am

Awesome, Justin.

I love seeing your skills put to good story-telling use.


The magical forest tech-bubbles are fantastic.  I want a set!

You have some seriously wicked mentors dropping knowledge on you.

posted : 2011.Jan.01 @ 3.28pm

nice progressions on your artwork. it's very fluid.  the model is beautiful too.  that's awesome you are getting to learn technique from those guys... what an opportunity.  

i think i need to surrender and download some of this higher light as well Smile the darkside has been fogging up my vision for too long. 

happy nhue year!

posted : 2011.Jan.02 @ 3.39pm

Yea!  These are two very beautiful and healing pieces!  

I love the way you made the tree vibrate light.  Your style is always alive and pretty Smile

 You're very inspiring to me!

posted : 2011.Jan.02 @ 7.02pm
Thank you for the comments! We are all here to co-inspire and push each-other to new realms!

On the topic of new realms..
Viradical suggested I dive deeper into this piece. I smoothed out the skin tones and added some cooler colors to draw attention to the third eye.
I also implemented more focus depth with blurring out the sides. 

Here is some detail of the pattern on the butterflys. Far away they are noticeable shapes however close up they are very detailed patterns inspired by my DMT journeys and tessellating Islamic star patterns.

posted : 2011.Jan.03 @ 8.20am

beautiful creations Justin.  I really enojy the way you are expressing the etherail light waves and textures, very stylish.

I also agree with Air on the story aspect of the second piece. keep it up!

posted : 2011.Jan.03 @ 3.29pm
Thanks Simon! 
I have also been working at learning tablet painting skills, here are a few recent speed-paintings reflective towards where I grew up and currently still reside: british columbia
I plan on doing some more serious environmental pieces when I can hone some skills in this field, for now its just practice. Any and all critique is welcome. 

posted : 2011.Jan.19 @ 6.42pm

 Hello all, Here are some more environmental pieces i have been working on. Some sketches and experimenting. With Bodhi falls I used all the techniques i have learned so far together and really focused myself. 
 I am having a blast with my tablet and am currently saving money for a hologram run. Still freelancing regularly but won't be posting my various posters, logos in this forum.
 If you wanna check them out head over to my website:



 The lost temple of inner peace. : Mediation on the global networks.




Sacred energy. 

Background photography: Gavin Sherlock 







Bodhi falls :  dissolving the perceptional field to reach true self

Digital painting with mandlebulb rendered fractals as texture. 


posted : 2011.Jan.20 @ 9.08am
Wow!  I love your sacred energy one a lot!  Makes me feel all warm inside Smile  I also really like the mandlebulb forest. 

posted : 2011.Jan.25 @ 9.19pm

The last snow bear.

The IUCN now lists global warming as the most significant threat to the polar bear, primarily because the melting of its sea ice habitat reduces its ability to find sufficient food.
Average temperatures in the Arctic region are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the world. Arctic ice is getting thinner, melting and rupturing.
A storm is brewing... We must act now to stabilize and balance the earth before its far too late.

Sacred tessellation

The call of Barong:
Barong is a character in the mythology of Bali. He is the king of the spirits & leader of the hosts of good.

posted : 2011.Jan.30 @ 12.36am
You're on fire - keep burning it up!

posted : 2011.Feb.02 @ 11.25pm

Deep blessings phong, I feel as though I am slipping into some slip stream of flow.
Pouring hours into learning more techniques on matte-environment painting and watching more and more documentaries. 
Been focusing myself on constant flow of learning, painting and educating myself about the world to better reflect vibrations into my paintings. 



Preservation of light.  Model: Fiona Wade. Photography: Jon Hoadley


Horus Awakens:

In the wake of recent events in Egypt.. One love and freedom for every living being on the planet.

I feel certain areas of the image were a bit rushed but I do feel rushed to raise as much awareness on this issue as possible right now.
Almost thinking of doing a second Egypt based image after more information develops over the state of the country. 

 Weaving the platonic balance. The shadow wanderer analyses his path towards divine light. 

posted : 2011.Feb.08 @ 5.24am

Critque welcome:

Ascending the shadow ego. Totemical ~ 2011


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