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posted : 2010.Dec.18 @ 1.34am

Google Earth is my favorite toy... for obvious reasons, as seen below :

the Earth is the greatest piece of art on earth!


 (click the images to explore)























Ranges and rivers and rifts, oh my!



posted : 2010.Dec.18 @ 8.27am

 dendritic quartz






micro to macro!!!!! 

posted : 2010.Dec.18 @ 8.06pm

nice post Phong.

ahhh Earth, a masterpiece .... in progress

I love the 2nd to last of Australlia, and the top one of the Himalayas.  It reminds me of some of Victor Olenev's work.

posted : 2010.Dec.19 @ 6.40pm


















posted : 2010.Dec.19 @ 9.50pm

South Pacific

I highly reccomend seeing BBC's South Pacific series before you die.


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This obscure island has it's own airport : 













posted : 2010.Dec.31 @ 9.51pm

The Bahamas














posted : 2011.Jan.01 @ 3.34pm

Here's some Gaian circuitry i encountered on my recent trip. 




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