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posted : 2010.Sep.07 @ 2.42pm


timer on 10 sec and ... roll Smile

this one kinda worked out. 

posted : 2010.Sep.13 @ 10.16am

One more here




posted : 2010.Sep.13 @ 11.47am
That ones dope, D'Man 

posted : 2010.Sep.19 @ 1.04am

Thanx Erik! 


This one... below... didn't know where to post... posting HERE in hopes for communal forgiveness Smile ha-ha


Happy Birthday, Air!  

(mosaic is made of over 100 Air's Nature shots I have collected)




posted : 2010.Sep.24 @ 1.53am

Nice, D'man! 


Happy Birthday, Air! 

posted : 2010.Sep.24 @ 7.16am

Wow, D!  That's sweet Smile

Thank you for the creative B-Day card.

posted : 2010.Oct.04 @ 4.38am






posted : 2011.May.05 @ 2.11am


posted : 2012.Apr.09 @ 1.59pm

Hello there, i have been a sporadic lurker on the phong-o-verse for many years. After looking through this thread, i feel at home somehow.

studio and i


posted : 2012.Nov.19 @ 7.20am

It's been a loooooooooong-loooooooooong time off Podfora... Sadly, I got cought in a web of less useful, yet more demanding tasks. Can't be sure whether I am back for real Smile but I'll try to be more active. I love Podcollective after all and had witnessed it's birth many years ago.

In the light of upcoming release of Hobbit, I thought I'd take a photo of myself and f... with it to match da deal ...

Which deal ?! - the mighty Orc 



Dman the Orc 

posted : 2012.Nov.28 @ 1.47pm

Ha! Nice one d'Man. That's fORCkin mean loooking. Go easy on those hobbits; Middle Earth produces some fine greeneries I would like to keep acquiring.  


Viva Pod Fora! Its small pulse has been revived. 


Enjoy the holy-dayz!




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