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posted : 2010.Sep.22 @ 12.03pm

my latest piece just completed

High End Guitar Amp
Heavy Magic Soulfilled Sound Machine


Why does your musical soul have to come from a "black box" 

why not "Music For The Eyes"


Why Not a Temple?


I wanted to make an amp that had as much love and soul or more put into it's building and looks,

as  the musician was putting through the electronics.

so I dreamed it up,and with all my heart soul built it.


peace to all and keep bringing the magic from your heart



Heavy Magic



Completion time: 1 year of complete dedication of my life spread through

initial design,

research into resources needed,



all wood is exotic
African Bubinga, Walnut, Black Ebony
 3 pearl inlays
all Hardware is Precious Metals
Sterling Silver



 carved in wax by me, and recast in metals.

The Pod is the first site I have posted pics since completion.
more pics will be on my new site HMSSMC.COM once I finally get home from Boulder where the final month and a half assembly took place.



Initial concept art:






final piece


steampunk guitar amp







heavy magic pearl inlay guitar amp



love and soul Machine




 Custom carved amp Knobs





Speaker Grill and Lotus Petals






 back of amp





Bronze Nameplate


bronze nameplate






ALL Original Concept/Designs By: Will Cascio/Heavy Magic


Amp: Ultra-Fine TWO-ROCK Custom Signature Reverb
Speaker: 12" Austin Speaker Works"Alnico Elegante"

Exotic Wood Features:

sides made from handpicked 16'single board of Exotic African Bubinga Hardwood
choice cut, to flow the matching grain continually around both, Amp Head and Cabnet.

Back Amp Panel is African Bubinga wrapped with Walnut strips
Back Cab Panel is African Bubinga wrapped with Walnut strips

Amp & Cab sides feature Bob Epstein art deco Brass inlays

all exterior Hardware is handmade in Precious metals, except Brass Acorn nuts.

Amp Head and Cab Features:

Amp Top Dave Nicholes Custom Pearl inlay.
Amp Front Dave Nicholes Custom Pearl inlay in Handpicked Black Ebony Hardwood.
Amp Faceplate is Custom made,Laser engraved in an early 1900's Engraver's font.
Amp Knobs are two piece Will Cascio Hand carved 40 gram Sterling Silver Knobs, over Hand carved Brass Bases.
Amp Head "Breezway Grill" is WC custom design, cut/watterjetted from 1/8" steel & finished in Jet Black powdercoat
Amp & Cab Face features 117 WC handcarved and cast Sterling Silver and Brass studs

Amp & Cab Features 16 decorative WC metal corners, hand engraved & carved from Wax
then recast in Bronze with matching motif sterling silver studs.

Speaker Grills are a WC design Art Neveau/Tribal Mix
cut/watterjetted from 1/8" steel & finished in Jet Black powdercoat

Outer Speaker Ring Features an eight Petal Flower Motif,
made from 16 petal pieces Hand carved by WC
in Wax,and cast in two piece 40gram Sterling Silver Petals
Overlayed on Cast Bronze Petals

Back of Amp and Cab feature
Custom trademark old world design Heavy Magic Badge & Namplate with Model,serial number,
and completion date which is handstamped upon completion

back panels are attached with 16 countersunk heavyduty brass machine screws

This beautifully designed and meticulousy handcrafted piece is structually overbuilt to stand the test of time.
All  of the craftsmen involved genuinelly gave everything they have for the love of the craft.

I truly believe this love and soul becomes a part of the piece ,
and is the very essence of what takes a work of art, into the level of what I call "Heavy Magic."



                                                                                                 peace to your souls.

                                                                                                       Heavy Magic






posted : 2010.Sep.22 @ 1.06pm
It's a masterpiece, HM.

From idea to execution it's perfect.
Highest respect and honor for the creation of this sacred soundbox.

I am truly inspired by this and so grateful you shared it here.
My the royalty of Earth's musicians keep you busy with joyous work for as long as you wish it.

Well done, Brother!

posted : 2010.Sep.22 @ 1.06pm
Whooooooa! Nice work! The worldwide steampunk fan base will drool over that piece.  Smile 

posted : 2010.Sep.22 @ 2.02pm

What a skill?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands down! Masterpiece!!!


love detail and just a right amounts of Heavy Magic touch... just where it's supposed to be magical! 

posted : 2010.Sep.22 @ 2.27pm

Ummm.... WOW! 




Check out this Synth in Berlin 



posted : 2010.Sep.22 @ 3.30pm
Wow! Love the detail work. The knobs are amazing. Truly exceptional!

posted : 2010.Sep.22 @ 3.39pm

Wow! that amp is epic!

it would be a honor to play on that.



posted : 2010.Sep.22 @ 3.40pm
Beautiful & inspiring!!  

posted : 2010.Sep.23 @ 3.35am
So much love! So much inspiration! 

posted : 2010.Sep.23 @ 11.30am

Thanks for the kind words all

not needed, but much appreciated.


glad to finally be able to share it.





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