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posted : 2010.Apr.06 @ 11.40pm

Alextronica, Ha! It is my place of mind, yes. You are all invited in anytime.


Yodelheck, thanks. I agree . And I plan too. 





posted : 2010.Apr.17 @ 4.39am
A random digiDoodle.

posted : 2010.May.23 @ 1.56am






posted : 2010.Jun.20 @ 7.09pm

Here's a narwhal I made for a friend Smile



posted : 2010.Sep.01 @ 5.41pm


 Here are a couple of my latest pieces.  A mix of CGI composited with a live creature.

















posted : 2010.Oct.09 @ 12.50am

A Narwhalian Mandala with a Scorpio Nucleus 






posted : 2010.Oct.10 @ 3.00am

edit: need to re-compress this animation without the auto-play feature 








posted : 2010.Oct.13 @ 8.35pm

Haha nice, I like snap. 


I'd have been staring for hours!



posted : 2010.Oct.23 @ 2.19am

An homage to the circus. Honoring the circus freak within us all who flies through life without a net.






posted : 2010.Oct.29 @ 1.52am

Garden Wibble’s are magicians when it comes to tending to your garden plants. They’re a nice organic and pesticide free  alternative for your crop. 






posted : 2010.Nov.23 @ 6.17pm

Hooray! The Pod is back! 


Here's a fresh drop for the fora. 



"My testimony is that magic is alive in hyperspace" ~ Terrence McKenna 







posted : 2011.Jan.21 @ 9.50pm

some Friday afternoon fun with Groboto and Mental Ray




posted : 2011.Jan.22 @ 12.12am
Liking the depth in the last piece erik. 


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