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posted : 2010.Jul.31 @ 11.16pm

I've kept these close, and very few have seen them.  I felt inspired to share them with this beautiful community, as I sense that it is your hearts and love that drive the inspiration behind so many of your creations and gifts on this forum.


These are a series of pieces I did as my Eldunari (heart of hearts) dripped nectar into pixel form.  I've also included two pieces that were gifts to me from Ka, and one from Davin Infinity.  Many of the source photos of her and I were taken at the Goddess Castle greenscreen in November of 2008:


My first Digital Vision of Ka

Bird - My first vision of Ka Kathryn June (when she was still Kat), Summer 2008




Offering by Adam Apollo for Kathryn June

Offering - A Winter Solstice gift for Ka, 2008




The Oasis by Ka Kathryn June

The Oasis - Ka's Winter Solstice gift to me, 2008




Divine Masculine by Davin Infinity

Divine Masculine - by Davin Infinity, April 2009




 Remembering - book cover by Adam Apollo

Remembering - Cover of a poetry book for Ka, Winter Solstice 2009

(the Hummingbird area including the serpents and fire circle is a portion of "One Heart's Journey" by Ka, and the wave and rose petals in the lower left is part of "The Universe is an Ocean of Love" by Ka)




 Wings of Light by Adam Apollo

Wings of Light - Valentine 2010




Ka - for Adam's Birthday 2010

Adam - by Ka for my Birthday, March 2010 (photo taken in Yosemite after Symbiosis 2009)




David and Me - by Adam Apollo

David and Me - A piece created for Ka's father David shortly after he passed away, March 2010
(photo taken by Ka during David's last visit to San Francisco)




Love All Ways

Always Love,


Adam Apollo

posted : 2010.Aug.09 @ 3.15pm
Great to see you here Adam! I love the ether-waves in the first piece- how are they created? 


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