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posted : 2010.Jun.27 @ 9.45pm

Another fun show at LA's finest visionary art gallery!


Cool kids Amanda Sage and  Michael Pukac chat it up amidst the amazing art.


Michael looks on as his painting stabs this poor guy in the face.


 Up above Michael Pukac has started a live painting...



Dude is fast!


Amanda talks to a collector in front of one of her pieces.


More Sageliness...


Xavi the fashion photographer in action.



 The work of Darren Minke.


Darren live painting.







Android Jones in the house.


Ceci Castelblanco... you guessed it... live painting!




Xavi's amazing mural frames the action.



 Nature was here.




 Visitor ponder's Xavi's Eternity Vision.



The market area offers many galactic treasures.


Lenticular Ganesha animates as one walks around him.


Ever changing back-lit bliss.


Adam Scott Miller


A beautiful collaboration between Amanda Sage and Autumn Skye Morrison.


Gotta love the space.





 Xavi explaining a bit about Podular Manifestation.


Artist Sunny Strasburg and a patron.


Xavi and Sunny having an artistic geek out with the iphone.



Xav rocks one of his famous energy drops for  fellow didger Jesse Noe.










posted : 2010.Jun.28 @ 1.09am

so amazing ~ Thanks for the captures air.
What a blessing to see such magnificent reincarnations of truth and beauty! 
Hope to one day be in the same room / walls with such talent!

Great seeing everyones expressions as they embrace the divine light and art!
Blessings ~ Justin, totemical. 

posted : 2010.Jun.28 @ 8.33am

Agreed Justin. I shall have to visit this mecca of visions. It's exciting to see a community of people devoting their lives to creating light filled artwork, it's spreading.


Great photos!



posted : 2010.Jun.28 @ 9.44am

These photos make me happy!  So much great art in one place with a beautiful community!

Thank you for sharing these!!!  Very Happy    


One day it would be nice to be there! <3


-Olivia Curry 

posted : 2010.Jun.28 @ 2.07pm
Art, Fantasy and endless creativity lives forever! Exiting stuff. Thanx for sharing, mr Air. You captured the essence of the venue... Well, this is how I felt looking at the photos.


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