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posted : 2010.Apr.28 @ 11.44pm

Long time no see podlings!


I've been spending some time on the musical side of things in the last year. I have a few rough drafts of songs I've been working on over the past month or so. I haven't shared it with too many people yet because this is some of my first attempts at making electronic music. Any feedback would be lovely!


Lost in The Wild




Light and Love


posted : 2010.Apr.29 @ 3.31pm

Hi Tagme,


Constructive Feedback: I think you are heading in the right direction. The audio pallet you selected for each song is good. I like downtempo and the songs have nice percussive sounds mixed with some mellow synths. But for me there was not a hook in any of the songs. They need another element that carries them through... maybe some keys or some good sampling. Also a breakdown somewhere in the mix would be cool. The foundation is there, now they need the rest.  The only thing that really stood out for me was the baseline in Rain'd, I am not too crazy about it. But overall they are sounding good for a first pass, just sprinkle a little more musical mojo in to each one. Keep at it and post some updates and more songs when you have them. 

posted : 2010.May.02 @ 5.23pm

Thanks erik for all the great feedback. I will most definitely put it into action. My song writing structure is very flimsy and could use a lot of work. Been playing with a new synth combonation and looping. Did this song live (less the drum tracks). Very rough cut of another work in progress. Have to start going through and cleaning up the madness I suppose.


Live Jam 1

posted : 2010.Jun.18 @ 3.36am

A new song after some inspiring things happened.


Stepping in the right direction?


Take a listen.



Detox by MattStiles

posted : 2010.Jun.22 @ 11.43am

Nice work my friend, very Fluid!



posted : 2010.Jun.22 @ 11.44am

Nice work my friend, very Fluid!



posted : 2010.Aug.27 @ 2.17pm

Many thanks Ryan!


Heres another new track. Again going in a new direction. Smile


Kind of like a jazzy dance song. 

posted : 2010.Sep.01 @ 9.30pm

another little something to add to this thread.


just made this dubstep mix the other night. just a little of this and a little of that. 

posted : 2010.Oct.28 @ 8.14pm


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