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posted : 2009.Mar.10 @ 9.25am

The jewelled steps are already quite white with dew,

It is so late that the dew soaks through my cloths,

And I let down the crystal curtain

And watch the moon through the clear winter.

- li bai


The world is taking on new dimensions of depth. This is evident at all levels of personal, social and global change. 


Celebrating this novelty is a new limited edition galactik trading card hologram featuring three visionary art works from the many fabled Luke Brown of Spectraleyes and design from Phong and Aaron Rix of Pod Collective 




Compatable with all the galactic trading cards to come before, these make a perfect addition to art card collections. They also work well as single cards to grace your fridge or altar, make a special gift to a friend or bring wonder to the eyes of an ally. 


These holograms are available direct through or at and other visionary art markets. 


In addition a few full out-of-print 52 card decks have come back into play as a fundraiser for the project.


Brought to you by Dew Press, a non-profit arts organization supporting the evolution of the creative imagination and the growth of global art culture. 

posted : 2009.Mar.10 @ 10.01pm




posted : 2009.Mar.22 @ 12.21am
Great Post!!! I can't wait to see the next hologram card... wink;)...

posted : 2009.May.31 @ 8.15am

From the many fabled wonder of Pod's own XAVI comes a limited edition galactik artifact. Here is the third hologram in the series.




There are only a limited amount and they will not be reprinted in the future. 

Tag these while supplies last at Elfintome




posted : 2009.May.31 @ 8.26am

very direct and moving arrangement xavi.

i see this being walking towards me... hello being Smile


thanks for this offering

posted : 2009.Aug.29 @ 7.26am

Celebrating World Culture

and bridging the new West

with the Sacred Culture of the South

comes the latest collaboration of Air, Phong and Delvin

with the Peruvian Shaman-Artist Pablo Amaringo


In English, Spanish, Quechua and Shipibo

this limited edition lenticular

is the newest in a series of visionary artifacts


More details at 

Available at Elfintome 



posted : 2009.Aug.29 @ 1.35pm

From the brush of high master painter Robert Venosa

comes an angelic triad


the newest iteration in this series of

rare, limited edition

visionary art artifacts and gaming cards


special thanks for support from Tribe 13, IAMU, and Illuminated





posted : 2010.Jan.16 @ 9.40am

Here is the newest hologram from Guy Aitchison


posted : 2010.Jan.16 @ 10.16pm

here is the newest shard

art from the incredible Erial


available at elfintome


posted : 2010.May.20 @ 6.46am

from the fabled realms of the vine world

comes the newest Pablo Amaringo Hologram card


available through elvism



posted : 2010.May.20 @ 6.51am

from the depths of the podular imagination

comes the crown jewel of the GTC


art by Alex Grey

design by Phong






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