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posted : 2010.May.16 @ 4.35pm
Behind Any Experience Is An Experiencer Who Knows What Is Happening.When I Find A Way To Stand Where The Experiencer Is Standing, I Will Be At The Still Point Around Which The Whole World Turns.Getting There Is A Process That Starts Here And Now.

posted : 2010.May.16 @ 7.57pm
Very nice work, but i must say im really bugged out! I've been working on a painting for a few days now, and it resembles the first one you have up here of the graff. It's really funny because I as well utilized hexagons. The backround is very close too, I used montana spray, but the colors are close. I'll post soon, but even weirder, I was pondering all day to use a sunset in it or not; low and behold the sun rise/set photos that were posted before in that thread. CRAZY! wow. The triface licking dude is really tight, I'd like to see that progress. The last image there is really clean, all most looks vectored. Keep it up!

posted : 2010.May.18 @ 1.59pm

@Psybe: Yeah man. I would love to see that uploaded... I think its the interconnectedness of the Pod coming through. Quantum Entanglement or something. I also should turn that last piece into a vector...see how close to the original it looks. And where do you think I should take the triface??? To a paint medium? Digital? Gimme suggestions. I want to feed off of the creative energy. And I want everyone to feed off of mine as well. Thats how you make a change.

posted : 2010.May.18 @ 3.09pm

Word! ahaha.  I have really no clue about vector art, I mean I've only dabbled before. It looks really tight and clean so I figured it could be easily transferred into a vector or something. The Triface is really looking nice as far as a sketch goes. I can't tell you what you should do with it, it's not my art Smile Personally, I think something along the lines of that graff one could be ill. Sharpie over acrylic I'm guessing? You could play with the space between the lines (like how the graff is hollow between the black lines), tweak patches of transparency maybe. Quantum Entanglement for sure. My friend and I were talking years ago about the Pink Floyd/Oz sync and what it pretty much comes down to is some artists tapping into the same spaces and vibratory levels as others. Wizard of Oz was as ground-breaking as Dark Side, they are interconnected in a way that can't be easily described by most because of the level of energy used in creating them. Looking really good can't wait to see some more.



Heres the painting: 

Kinda low rez still, working on it. Started monday. Montana Krylon Oils Sharpie Felt Tip

(This isn't intended to take away from your work/posts, just for sake of syncnicity giggles)



posted : 2010.May.18 @ 3.22pm
That looks like its going to be a beautiful piece. I definitely would love to see the finished product. I really like alot of your recent works. The graff piece is actually all acrylic. Although Im sure sharpie could easily be substituted. There certainly is a great deal of energy being put forth by everyone here. We are pretty much kicking the quantum fields tail. Making it our you know what. Anyways...I feel like that piece needs a little more love. Its off center a bit and its been bugging me. Also Im gonna dig out the triface again and start thinking about some things to do with it tonight...Keep it up man. Like I said I really enjoy your style.

posted : 2010.May.22 @ 1.25pm
Just playing around with this guy right now...Vectored and paint bucketed reallll fast.

And this piece I just finalized today on plexi...

posted : 2010.May.22 @ 2.57pm
SICK! keep it up. All ways nice to see a non-traditional substrate!

posted : 2010.Jun.14 @ 1.16pm
Also on Plexi....
And a watercolor...

And the beat goes Om...


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