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posted : 2010.May.12 @ 2.52pm
In this episode of Visionary Artists Podcast, we visit the surreal world of dreams. The conversation whips over how dreams relate to the creative process, archetypal imagery, Jungian psychology and modern theories of dreaming derived from evolutionary theory. In the second section of the podcast we listen to listener-submitted dreams, some weird, some wonderful, some mundane and some beautiful. Musical interludes bring us up and around into the next section, a review of aesthetic ideas we've covered up until now in Visionary Artists Podcast. We finish with a reading from one of the many dream segments of Beyond the Basin.

Playlist: Quantic - Time is the Enemy; Shpongle - Nothing is Something Worth Doing; The Album Leaf - Shine; Dave Matthews Band - The Dreaming Tree

Visit for your free pdf of the novel!

Direct Download:


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