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index « audial « Phidelity - Future Free ep released for FREE

posted : 2009.Aug.03 @ 7.45am
Hello podlings - I just posted my new ep on bandcamp for free download in any quality and format of your choice. It features four tracks of off the beaten path psychedelic dub done with a futuristic twist on traditional dub style mixing. Mastering was done by Twerk at Audible Oddities.

If you enjoy this please consider telling a friend or two who you think may also enjoy these tunes





posted : 2009.Aug.21 @ 7.47pm

thank you.  I love vbr, the great music and album art.  also, the download was fast.



posted : 2010.Apr.19 @ 6.40pm

Bummer!!!!!!!!!!! Sad

The page link is off or temporary not available...

Was looking forward to checking your music. 

posted : 2010.Apr.19 @ 11.15pm

I got there via the links just now. Give it another go. These tunes are great, and well worth looking into his newest release Sqiuddhartha.






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