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posted : 2010.Jan.22 @ 10.49pm

Naturally, travelinng throughout UK, I had an idea of posting my photos on Podcollective. The first intention was to localize every Post and go from London to Salisbury, from Edinburgh to York and so on. Later on, I realized that I couldn't emotionally put my finger on each location per-say, and felt more like it was a feeling about UK in whole, that I wished to express. Thus, "Random UK" was born...

I will be trying to bring together certain themes, but generally  "random" means random Smile


so, r.a.n.d.o.m. you'll get ... wih love.


































































this is just a beginning, peeps...

posted : 2010.Jan.23 @ 11.54am

Rich and interesting as always, D-Man.

I am jealous of your photo skills, so full of life, and your travels!


Stoked to find this treasure on the pod today!

posted : 2010.Jan.23 @ 12.55pm

Jolly good post, mate.

Your photo-flow is right'O. 

posted : 2010.Jan.23 @ 9.25pm

To everyone who doesn't know Air... (are you serious?!). I have learnt so much from this dude!!! He doesn't even know. ha-ha


lol, guys. Thanks for nice comments. And  the "randomness" is continueing...



















































posted : 2010.Jan.25 @ 7.15am
WOW! Lovely.

posted : 2010.Jan.25 @ 12.58pm
Dman this stuff is amazing! Keep it up. I'm lovin those little pod fruit. Blessings

posted : 2010.Jan.26 @ 12.31pm

i like pod_8780.jpg and pod_3498.jpg the best.


pod_8780.jpg has a level of absence that allows my imagination to enter the frame and bask in that sunlight.


pod_3498.jpg: the intensity of his gaze and official uniform coupled with his youthful appearance implies a lot.

posted : 2010.Feb.25 @ 8.42am

Heya, and thanks.

Yeah, Yella, the first image - it was a great day in the Hyde park and I actually saw the same effect a few times after. It's just a matter of being there at the right time of day and there are people sitting under the trees and whatnot ... lotsa photo opps.

The kid was in the zone and he tried not to blink or move and we had fun around him. It was just right for a photo.


RanDomNess continues, ladies and gentlemen:




















































posted : 2010.Feb.26 @ 3.55am

Damn, D'man. Those are some superb shots. Your people shots are always great. The Eton College pic reminds my of Harry Potter. I like the HDR imagery you did on some of those architectural shots. Nice drop.



posted : 2010.Feb.26 @ 7.15am

Erik! Always good to see a reply from you... Yeah, HDR is really a good thing for some images. I disagree with those who just dis it or overuse it. I think "the golden middle" formula is what makes HDR a valuable tool in the arsenal of photo manipulation.

Well, with your support I musta get on it and deliver more goodness. Although I don't think my UK post is exactly the tightest and "meanest" Smile  ... Paris was like way more there. But that's the deal - France and UK are sooo different.

Harry Potter was my invisible guide all the way through the College grounds. ha-ha-ha. You got it right, Erik.

posted : 2010.Mar.17 @ 2.33am

Is it that time of the day to post yet another batch of "randomness" and prove my mad uploading skills Smile ?!

Oh yes, it is!!!





























was this squirrel checking pigeon's butt???


















 if only cops cared about people as much as they care about trash bins!























posted : 2010.Mar.17 @ 3.05am

Whoa, Dman! That's the best drop of randomness I have tasted all year. All shots are spectacular and the squirrel shot made me laugh

 You are able to create non invasive HDR images, it flows nicely with my optical perception. 


posted : 2010.Apr.19 @ 4.53am

Erik, U r like my biggest fan, man Smile  Thanx... You know I have just checked all the posts myself and it felt good. (not said in vain) he-he... fun to look at.

Well, I have lotsa work right now and can't get to the next randomness, but I'll be doing it soon. Still plenty of very interesting shots. Till then...


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