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posted : 2010.Feb.25 @ 12.19am
WOW! Thanx for this crush course in Yoga, sketching and 3d eye opening. lol

posted : 2010.Mar.13 @ 7.49am

India Ink on Matress

Done on a matress bottom with India Ink. please enjoi. 

posted : 2010.Mar.13 @ 6.40pm
Viradical  your art is very inspirational.  Are you by any chance selling a print of your Triumvirate piece Wink

posted : 2010.Mar.13 @ 7.02pm
Oh and how was the Kumbh Mela?  It looks like quiet in experience to go to that.

posted : 2010.Mar.15 @ 10.18pm

phatty pod drop geo!!!

lovin it all.  <3

posted : 2010.Mar.19 @ 2.31pm
Long time....No post. I got Podlove!

been keepin busy. Doing some live painting gigs and Im going to be working on the art crew for The Big Up Festival in Ghent New York this summer.
Also started a post alot of the smaller scribbles and what not I do. Random sketches.

posted : 2010.Mar.29 @ 9.02pm
I can't seem to see those links, man. Sad

posted : 2010.Apr.05 @ 2.21pm
Aww damn. Hang on Dusty. Ill have an update soon and Ill upload those to a different host and post those up again aswell.

posted : 2010.Apr.13 @ 1.10pm




 Another little mirroed sketch doodad: Hope you fellers enjoy!


sketch thingy

posted : 2010.Apr.13 @ 1.55pm
Dope Psybe. Would love to see that baby blazin in color. Hit me with it.

posted : 2010.Apr.18 @ 8.01pm


posted : 2010.Apr.26 @ 1.13am

another little coffee diner doodaad.

      6b on bristol.

                sorry about the rez

i need to get a scanner.



posted : 2010.May.13 @ 2.32pm
Here's some sketchbook work (compiled in PS as most were from small moleskin book).

This one has a story to it. Apparently a buddy of mine knew a kid in gradeschool that happened upon some old cotton candy under his bed as sometimes his snacks ended up getting pushed under there. Unfortunately for him, this time it wasn't leftover cotton candy, it was a series of spider egg sacks and he didn't notice this fact until the tiny spiders began crawling out of his nose, mouth, and corner of his eye. My first question was "Didn't he think something was strange when it wasn't sweet?". Kids...I tell ya.....


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