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posted : 2010.Mar.18 @ 12.02pm
Awww....met no Seattle Podlings last weekend. But it was a great time! 14k people were in attendance. If you even have a passing interest in all things geeky, I highly recommend checking it out next March.

posted : 2010.Mar.18 @ 5.01pm

^^^ Haha. I've never been. I have been downtown while it was going on and that was pretty interesting.


I have a friend who was the voice for some Anime character and she said it was crazy signing autographs and people having and buying action figures of her. She said the best part was the Anime Karaoke where people dressed like their favorite character and sang the theme songs of their favorite shows. I bet that is a sight to behold. 





posted : 2010.Mar.19 @ 11.48am
I think it's possible you might be talking about Sakura-Con, which is convention specifically for Anime, because other than a few DragonballZ types running around, I didn't see a whole hell of a lot of anime-themed things. ECCC and SakuraCon are often within only a few weeks of each other, so it'd be easy to confuse to the two. Of course, it's a big convention, and I could be wrong.


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