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posted : 2010.Feb.21 @ 4.44am


posted : 2010.Feb.22 @ 3.55am


posted : 2010.Feb.26 @ 3.52am


posted : 2010.Mar.01 @ 9.14pm

I spent this weekend modeling the base mesh for a new work in progress.

It is now ready to have the UV's laid out and then to be detailed and textured.

Then I need to finish the environment it will be staged in which will require lots of more modeling. 

 more to come soon...




Intergalactic Shaman - WIP 







posted : 2010.Mar.02 @ 7.35am

intriguing work erik.  glad that you are becoming a podular ambassador to the galactic federation!  Wink

what's with the mayan etznab / mirror symbol on the bottom right?

posted : 2010.Mar.02 @ 12.31pm

Thanks, Agape.

That is the Mayan symbol for Flint, also my last name.



posted : 2010.Mar.04 @ 4.56pm

I made a couple final tweaks to the base mesh - fixed the nose and finished his collar area. Spent a long night laying out UV's and now it is officially ready to be painted and sculpted. Tonight I will detail its face.






posted : 2010.Mar.05 @ 3.07am

I worked on creating the eyes tonight. I also played around with possible color ideas for him and the headDress. I do not like the bone look on the headDress so I am going to stick with my original, more colorful plan for it. Also did some very minor sculpting on the face and a little work on the cloak. This weekend I will have time to hash out the final piece





posted : 2010.Mar.07 @ 5.08am

Here is an update. Almost there Smile
























posted : 2010.Mar.08 @ 2.48am

After realizing I can keep working on this piece forever, and seeing how I am really impatient, I am going to call this piece done... for now.



The Conference of the Intergalactic Shaman is coming up. A festive time when all the celestial curanderos gather to exchange brewing tips, partake in ritual and discuss the great mysteries of existence. I have the task of birthing many of the attendees into this dimension using the profound process of pixel puxelation. 

This is the first attendee to show up. 

Baelu is from a planet called Shone that orbits the super giant star, Antares, in the Scorpius constellation.  









posted : 2010.Apr.05 @ 9.04pm

I made this for an online art contest over at The Gnomon Workshop. The theme was "Grand Fireplace". I did not win but had fun making the piece.  




posted : 2010.Apr.06 @ 1.01pm

Love the flames!


This is a photo of your place, right? When you gonna invite us over? LOL


Its looks like if I touched my screen I'd burn myself. Nice work!



posted : 2010.Apr.06 @ 10.33pm
wow, the texturing on the off-world queen is looking really pro! Awesome to see you bring that through to the next level of detail! I would love to see more totemic and symbolic pieces done in 3d like this, although the creatures are really awesome....i'm really inspired by symbolic designs and the rich messages that can be embedded in totems, glyphs and abstract form......would be cool to see it weaved in with faces and bodies to ground it as well....


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