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posted : 2009.Nov.11 @ 2.20am

Can't sleep for some reason so I decided to do a little self while listening to Shpongle 4 (a great music choice to inspire) 






posted : 2009.Nov.13 @ 11.51am

This one goes out to Style Master D!

Autumn in SD is like Spring everywhere else.


posted : 2009.Nov.30 @ 2.11pm
Creating stars

posted : 2010.Jan.24 @ 7.07pm

A few last ones are more like psy-portreits Smile

Air - classy as usual... with a touch of WaaaaaaAck! (but nobody knows)


went retro on it this time



posted : 2010.Feb.24 @ 10.40am

posted : 2010.Apr.22 @ 5.04pm

This is the third oil painting I've done. Never really got into oils but im kinda hooked now.

It was for school, as I had to use a mirror.


Self Oil

posted : 2010.Apr.22 @ 6.18pm
Bee-Tee-Dubs, Sick nice work Kala, and Air, where is that Graff at? They really know how to use skinny can caps!

posted : 2010.Apr.22 @ 6.27pm

The graff is from downtown San Diego.


posted : 2010.Jul.10 @ 4.56pm

Old Doc Rix is still creeping through the dusty halls of the fora...

... peekin' 'round corners and oilin' the gears... flippin' swithes and droppin' selfs.


posted : 2010.Jul.12 @ 12.19am

Nice shot, Air! The lighting and mood are great. 




posted : 2010.Jul.13 @ 11.23am

मार्गदर्शन आगमिजगति 

posted : 2010.Aug.14 @ 3.29pm
HM  2010

posted : 2010.Aug.31 @ 12.03am
Heavy, this is a great vision of yourself, airy and flowy.


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